Is it a fact that the iPhone X and other OLED screens are blinking? This app is the real eye protection!

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Is it a fact that the iPhone X and other OLED screens are blinking? This app is the real eye protection!

2018-12-14 20:25:27 191 ℃

Twenty-two last night, Xueba Jun was insomnia.

Unexpectedly received a push, iPhone X dropped to 5799, exactly the price of iPhone XR.

This is tangled. The iPhone XR is actually not good in my opinion. The single camera, the carrier frame, thick and heavy, the two are the death sins.

But it’s not black, that is, the iPhone XR insists on using an LCD screen, and the X/XS/XS Max is an OLED screen.

The development of OLED screens in these years is too fierce, from Apple, Samsung, to Huawei, Xiaomi, OV, The flagship model is almost all in one color.

This shows that the OLED display performance is very good, saying that it is not too much to kill.

But don't play at night, otherwise you will find: dizziness, vertigo, and closed eyes are not easy to disappear.

So you can see someone shouting all day long: LCD is never a slave, it is not unreasonable.

This is because at night, the screen brightness of the phone is automatically reduced.

The OLED screens use mostly low-frequency PWM dimming mode, and the screen will have a noticeable strobe at low brightness.

For example, the "big fruit smashing eye screen" that has been vomited by people has been added 5, and after turning down the brightness, it flashed into a zebra.

Even if OLED is the best Samsung,

In this case, it is still easy to capture the strobe (the huge black spot on the right is the same)

I also Listening to friends said, afraid of a wool, labor and anti-blue glasses!

Too naive, in fact, strobe and blue light are two completely different sources of damage.

I don't believe you wear glasses for a while to play OLED screen at night, the symptoms of old eyes will not be relieved.

Anyone can save my eyes?

The savior is here! There are screen experts & code farmers in foreign countries can not see,

made an OLED Saver (flash protection) App to help you ease the low-brightness PWM dimming of the OLED screen.

Because the effect is very good, there are already small partners in China who have finished Chinese, and I will report to you as soon as possible after the trial.

This is the effect map given by the author.

Schoolmaster always believes in his own eyes, so he borrowed his colleague's Xiaomi MIX3 to test the water. .

When the brightness of the phone screen is lowered, the difference comes out.

And in order to try its compatibility, I borrowed another Meizu 16th.

You can see Meizu 16th. Actually, the strobe is better than Xiaomi, but the camera can still see it.

After the flashing protection, the world is clean, and the mother finally does not need it. Worried that I was playing with my phone at night!

In fact, "Flicker Protection" is like setting up an automatic adjustment for your mobile phone.

The parameters are not complicated and do not need to be adjusted. The default is fine.

Schoolmaster also played in bed for more than an hour last night,

does not rule out psychological effects, but I feel that the fatigue of the eyes is light, and the symptoms of dizziness are significantly reduced.

Because this app is a system-level adjustment, many small partners have concerns, but the developers also explained in the application:

Flash protection App is very clever to improve first The brightness of the screen, let the system "think" does not need to enter the PWM dimming mode, first solve the strobo problem. But at night the brightness is too high and uncomfortable, so some pixels are turned off and a black "filter" is added to keep the visible brightness of the naked eye at the original level of comfort.

Of course, the OLED screen is more than "blinking."

Under the burning screen, iPhone X is now only 1 year old, and all kinds of burnt-screen news search is a lot of hair.

In fact, many Daxie believe that there is a huge relationship between burn-in and PWM dimming technology.

The "flicker protection" is an invisible benefit because it reduces the illumination of the pixels, so it can alleviate the burn-in.

Of course, there are also some shortcomings. Xueba Jun observed that the accuracy of the screen picture has dropped.

Anyway, can you introduce a slight drop in accuracy, in exchange for the OLED screen hurts and burns the screen, see Everyone is looking at the official choice.

Important reminder, this development is only used by Android, so iPhone users have no chance.

Android students only need to go to Coolan to search for "Strobe Protection", you can download security ~