What does the HD next to the 4G signal on the phone screen mean? What is the different experience of this business?

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What does the HD next to the 4G signal on the phone screen mean? What is the different experience of this business?

2018-12-17 20:25:09 169 ℃

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, mobile phones have also generated many new functions. Mobile phone manufacturers have also upgraded their mobile phones as their operators have improved their business. They have bid farewell to the era of "senior machines" in the past. A lot of business has not been opened, mobile phones can not be displayed, but also through manual customer service to consult, often causing customer service phone congestion and other phenomena, and now the mobile phone screen can be displayed, with the business upgrade, some less common business I am not very familiar. Today, let's take a look at the HD next to the 4G signal on the mobile phone screen. What is the different customer experience for this business?

In fact, the HD logo on the top of the phone screen, that is, HD call, indicates that your phone supports VoLTE (HD Voice) function, and at the same time, at the operator This service has also been opened. Generally speaking, you can enjoy the 4G Internet experience when you are on the phone. If you do not open it, the call network will become 2G or 3G. VoLTE is strictly speaking: Yes An IP data transmission, the service bearers are all based on 4G networks, combining the unification of data and voice.

The HD is displayed on the phone, indicating that you have already opened the service, but this service is also in demand! First, your communication equipment should support this function. If it is not supported, even if it is opened, it will not be used. In addition, when the operator's office is opened or the customer service is opened, the different settings of the mobile phone are different. For example, the Android system is turned off by default, and it is opened in the mobile network in the settings, and the Apple mobile phone is automatically opened by default.

So, what are the benefits of VoLTE business functions? What kind of convenience can we bring to our lives?

Firstly, based on the 4G network, the time for the call to be connected is shorter. After all, the signal problem is solved, and the time is saved. Some people who are anxious are most afraid of waiting for the phone to beep-beep. Especially the signal difference, it is not annoying; solve the signal problem, but also solve many problems, the voice quality has also been greatly improved, 4G network and 2G, 3G calls are essentially different, compared 2G, 3G voice The quality of the call is increased by at least 40%. Many people find a problem. When the call is made, the mobile phone has no signal, and QQ is also dropped in real time. VoLTE solves this problem. While calling, we chat on WeChat because The spectrum utilization of LTE is better than the traditional standard, which can reach more than 4 times of GSM, making full use of existing resources and reducing network costs.

The use of this technology, China Mobile is still a good thing, in China, VoLTE technology is the earliest development of China Mobile, and actively applied, it is reported that It is China Mobile that started commercial use in 2014. Telecom was officially commercialized in April 2018, but it was only opened in 10 provinces and cities. China Unicom, the situation is similar to that of telecommunications, and it is only tested in several provinces and cities. The official opening time is unknown.