Didi has tried to acquire theo file with a valuation of 2 billion US dollars. Ali has no veto power.

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Didi has tried to acquire theo file with a valuation of 2 billion US dollars. Ali has no veto power.

2018-12-23 20:25:15 154 ℃

Leidi Net Lei Jianping reported on December 23

Experienced User Retreat The deposit tide, the founder who entered the Lao Lai list originally had a chance to save.

The information obtained by Lei Di.com shows that Didi has prepared to buy $500 million worth of Foro F stocks in August this year with a valuation of $2 billion.

Drip also has the right to buy Ofo's Class F shares for $500 million in the same valuation in 18 months.

In the purchase of the drop ofofo, Didi used a veto, not allowed ofo Enter into any alliance with Didi's competitors, or ofo to sell more preferred stocks to any of Didi's competitors.

On the board of directors of the design of the drop, there are a total of 5 seats, of which Didi will occupy 2 seats. One seat is owned by the management of theo, and the remaining two seats are given to other investors of theo.

In addition, Didi also requires that the key personnel of ofo include CEO, CFO, COO, CTO and HR leaders The appointment, replacement or dismissal must be determined by Didi.

In this process, Ali intends to merge his Haro bike with ofo, and also submitted several times of merger intentions to ofo, but Didi used a veto to block the transaction. happened.

Ali does not have a vote for veto

After Dai Wei became "Lai Lai", Tencent CEO Ma Huateng said in a circle of friends, this is a Veto right (veto right), but many people point to Didi and Ali.

But currently, Ali does not have a vote for veto for the following reasons:

At the beginning of this year, Ali became a shareholder, and the foro investor who insisted on the merger of Mobai and ofo, and the partner of Jinshajiang, Zhu Xiaohu, saw that it would be dangerous to continue too, and hope to withdraw.

Ali saw Zhu Xiaohu’s attitude and had another veto power. He wanted to buy his shares and a veto.

However, Ali said that Ali did not get all the shares of Zhu Xiaohu, and Didi took advantage of the pre-emptive rights and purchased some of them. Therefore, Ali did not get the so-called one-vote veto.

This makes Dawei exercise voting rights on behalf of the management team in the current ofo architecture, with 1 vote veto.

Drip and Jingwei also have a veto. However, Jingwei is a financial investor and basically does not use a one-vote veto. The key point is Didi and Dawei. But the loss of Didi and Dai Wei made theo crisis.

From the dip to the acquisition of the file, ofo is very weak in the face of Didi.

In fact, the relationship between the two sides has already tended to be bad. At the beginning, Fu Qiang was the CEO of ofo, but in just 4 months, Dai Wei let Fu Qiang get out of theo immediately.

With the departure of Fu Qiang, there are a lot of old ministers who have been stationed in the company, which led to the arrogance of the relationship between the two parties. Since then, Didi has launched the bicycle brand “Green Orange Bicycle” to acquire the operation business of Xiaolan Bicycle. Ofo direct competition.

In the acquisition plan of the drop toof, Didi is also preparing to help theo to introduce Softbank investment, the amount of more than 200 million US dollars, but the premise of the drop is to give aso price as much as possible.

The rumor said that Softbank’s team had lived in a hotel in Zhongguancun for several months, completed due diligence onofo and decided to invest, but under the various fancy obstacles, Softbank’s Sun Zhengyi did not sign at the end.

Drip has always stressed to the outside world that it has never hindered the financing of ofo, but in fact, Dai Wei and Didi use each other’s veto in the case of mutual disappointment, so that ofo loses the opportunity in vain. .

According to informed sources, with the rapid deterioration of ofo for half a year, users retired the deposit, Dai Wei entered the list of Lao Lai, Didi and Ali lost interest in acquiring ofo, now ofof is facing dying Struggling dilemma.

Mobai and ofo are in full swing in 2017

Mobai and ofo in 2017 It’s all the time, but the industry boom has pushed the two founders to the stage of history. As the industry calms down, Hu Wei and Dai Wei are now out of the stage.

As of today, Mobye announced that Mobai’s founder Hu Wei resigned as CEO and was replaced by President Liu Wei. An industry insider pointed out that sharing bicycles is finally a game for industry giants.

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