Luo Yonghao stepped down as CEO and dismissed employees? Yong "hammer" immortal hammer really want to see you again this time?

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Luo Yonghao stepped down as CEO and dismissed employees? Yong "hammer" immortal hammer really want to see you again this time?

2018-12-23 20:25:29 201 ℃

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Beijing time on December 23, 15:11, technology retail from media people, communications and Internet practitioners In the year, Zeng Gobi walked 108 kilometers; the first new technology retail and retail brand IP, is one of the most influential opinion leaders in the technology retail industry, the founder of the flat carrier, @平担客大叔, published on Weibo: News, @罗永浩 As a CEO, the provincial branches have begun to chase.

After that, many netizens questioned under the Weibo, and @ Uncle Lukang also deleted the Weibo and re-issued Weibo: Affirmation, Uncle, I am a hammer iron powder, many of my partners are affected by me and become a hammer user! Lao Luo, for the time being, met Xiaokan, I believe it will pass (refueling)! If the paranoia like @罗永浩 fails, who will come to challenge Apple?

Under normal circumstances, as the founder and CEO of Hammer Technology, Luo Yonghao Such messages will respond with the word "fake", but as of now, Luo Yonghao has not responded. In fact, Long Ge, who has always liked the hustle and bustle of the world, has torn apart from the Securities Daily on November 21, and the entire Weibo mainstream has only been forwarded to the bullets, the official text, the official voice, the hammer technology, and the LEVEL8 horizon. Guan Wei, Gaide ranked App official micro-product activities and related product evaluations of netizens and media. For all kinds of suspicions about hammers, Long Ge has not responded, and seems to have entered the winter "crouching" period.

On December 5, Hammer Technology made a major change, legal representative From the previous Luo Yonghao to Wen Hongxi; the other nine directors including Zhu Xiaomu, Qian Chen and other well-known names all withdrew; December 10, Beijing time on December 10, the only nuts of the hammer technology company's official website Pro 2S, Nut Pro 2 Special Edition, Nut R1 and Nut 3 are all in the state of “arrival notification”. The response of Hammer Technology Customer Service: After the spare goods are sold out, the company operates normally; December 11, An internal mail suspected of hammer technology: Since the company failed to recover the receivables in time, the wages in November cannot be released on schedule today. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. The company will receive the refund after receiving the payment. At the same time, the wages will be paid in November, and the five insurances and one tax company will pay as scheduled. Please rest assured on December 17th. According to the First Financial Report, Luo Yonghao, founder and CEO of Hammer Technology, has recently contacted Baidu and Huawei. Alibaba, seeking to pick up hammer technology, but with hundred Both Huawei and Huawei did not negotiate, and the main entanglement with Ali is the purchase price.

Abandon all prejudice, although sometimes not so Success, but the hammer has been trying to do something different, but the bird’s nest really blows too much, pulling people’s psychological expectations too high... “I stand alone at the crossroads of technology and humanity, only I saw that Joe’s tombstone stood there alone...” The craftsman who tried to fight against Apple was tired after all... We have to admit that this person has tried to change the injustice of the world, even if it’s only a little bit... ...this time, maybe it’s really time to say goodbye to Hammer Technology!

Dong Yonghao, who is "crouching" in winter, can't wait until 2019 The recovery of everything in spring?

Editor: Wu Yonglong

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