1099 yuan! Xiaomi Play released: 5.84 inch drop screen + MediaTek P35 chip + flow casually

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1099 yuan! Xiaomi Play released: 5.84 inch drop screen + MediaTek P35 chip + flow casually

2018-12-24 20:25:25 231 ℃

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Beijing time on December 24th at 2pm, Xiaomi in Beijing Colorful City headquarters Released the "high-quality entry-level millet phone" Xiaomi Play, a brief look.


Millet Play offers two gradient colors: Dream Blue and Twilight Gold. For the first time, the dip dyeing process is used. Compared with the printing and spraying grading process, the color saturation of the dip dyeing process is very natural and delicate. That is, no particles can be seen by using a magnifying glass, and a pure black color is also provided.

Millet Play uses 5.84 inches Water drop screen, 1080 X 2280 FHD+, 1500:1 contrast ratio, 432 PPI, sun screen, the overall size is very close to Xiaomi 6, the overall thin and light, only 150g, really friendly for small screen mobile phone users.

Hardware Configuration

Millet Play is equipped with MediaTek P35 processor, which is higher than Snapdragon 625 and 骁龙450, support CPU / GPU dual Turbo, Ann Bunny running points super 骁 625, "King glory" average frame rate can run to 59.41; 3000 mAh battery, 4GB + 64GB.


After 1200W+2 million AI dual-shot, the main photo 125μm large pixel Support AI portrait mode, background blur, multi-frame noise reduction, automatic HDR, EIS video anti-shake, street beat mode; front 8 million cameras, support AI beauty, face unlock, single-camera, front HDR And the front screen fills light.

Product Price

4GB+64GB: 1099 yuan; December 25th 10:00 Officially opened for sale.

Traffic is not capped for one year.

Including 10GB of high-speed traffic per month, even send 12 Months; beyond the 3G traffic continues to be used free of charge, the country is free to use.

According to the price of the three major operators' official website, the 10GB high-speed traffic fee is basically between 960 yuan and 1800 yuan. The price of the 10GB mainstream package is basically 828 yuan - 1296 yuan. The site has repeatedly stressed that the data is for reference only!

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