Liu Qiangdong shot: Jingdong entered P2P! Product \"second light\", Ma Yun Ma Huateng does not follow?

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Liu Qiangdong shot: Jingdong entered P2P! Product \"second light\", Ma Yun Ma Huateng does not follow?

2018-12-24 20:25:28 182 ℃

Source/China Fund News

The sensational "Liu Qiangdong sexual assault case" just came to an end, and Jingdong will enter the P2P online loan industry. recently launched a P2P product called "", which said that is a platform dedicated to providing online lending intermediary information services.

Last week, Jingdong also launched the P2P product of "Xuhang Net Credit". This online loan is also a network lending intermediary information service platform under JD Finance. Its registration subject is Jingdong Xuhang (Xiamen) Network Lending Information Intermediary Service Co., Ltd.

In fact, since the beginning of this year, P2P has suffered many twists and turns: the thunderstorm, the closing tide, the supervision continued to increase the code, etc., the various online lending platforms are on the ice, and the major Internet giants are avoiding the P2P industry. . The P2P product of Jingdong Shangxian has become the first self-operated P2P giant in BATJ, or it means that the P2P industry has ushered in a new situation.

Jingdong P2P platform is online recently launched its P2P products. In the "Jingdong Xiaojintou" section of the "Jingdong Finance" APP, you can see the "Hefeng Net Credit" figure.

The page information shows that although most of the products are issued today (December 23), almost all of the borrowing items are for daily consumption. The loan conditions are from 1000 yuan, and all the current items are sold. Hey.

The target period has 1 Month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. The annualized rate of return for each maturity target is 5%, 5.5%, 6%, and 6.5%, respectively.

In addition to 12 months, other products are mainly launched today, and all are seconds.

The repayment method is monthly equal principal repayment.

It is worth noting that in addition to the Hefeng network loan, Jingdong Finance was listed on the other P2P platform and products: Xuhang online loan. On December 10th, the media exposed the Jingdong online Xuhang online loan. The target also included 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. The total number of loans was 13 and the loan amount was 19,500. However, the platform has now been renamed "".

Subsequently, Jingdong Xiaojintou’s official website address ( quickly expired. Jingdong Financial's official website has also been unable to find its entrance. Only by downloading the Jingdong Financial APP, and then entering the wealth-all-Jingdong Xiaojintou, in order to see the entry into the Fengfeng loan, and then bid.

Hefeng Net Loan is Jingdong "pro-son"

According to public information, Hefeng Net Credit belongs to Beijing Hefeng Yongxun Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. The platform page shows that the company is a platform for JD Finance to focus on providing online lending intermediary information services. Founded in November 2015, the registered capital is 50 million. is the online loan platform of JD Finance, which is 100% owned by JD Finance and is the “Jingdong” Pro-son."

The legal representative is Zhang Wei. Encyclopedia data shows that Zhang Wei is a Jingdong management trainee, Shandong Zibo, born in 1989, worked for Jingdong Finance, and is now an assistant to Liu Qiangdong.

On August 2, 2016, there were online posts breaking news, and legal representatives or executive directors of 52 affiliated companies of From the chairman Liu Qiangdong to Zhang Wei. As with today's eye-checking data, she has as many as 407 companies.

The legal person of Xuhang Online is also Zhang Wei. According to the data of Tianyue, the main body of the operation is “Jingdong Xuhang (Xiamen) Network Lending Information Intermediary Service Co., Ltd.”, which was established on September 27, 2017, and the registered place is Xiamen, Fujian. The registered capital is 50 million yuan and the actual payment is 20 million yuan.

From the perspective of ownership structure, Jingdong Finance is also 100% owned.

The current Hefeng Net Loan and Xuhang Net Loan have been on the Bank of Xiamen Depository, July 16, 2018 And signed a depository agreement with Xiamen Bank. On October 30, 2018, was fully deposited.

The guarantee method is: the guarantor assumes the guarantee responsibility as unconditional guarantee, and once the overdue occurs, the guarantee company will compensate the full amount.

Jingdongcheng BATJ is the first self-operated P2P

worth one It is mentioned that since 2014, the outside world has repeatedly rumored that Jingdong will launch the P2P platform. According to media reports, in 2013, Jingdong Finance had posted information on job postings related to online loans. After that, in 2015, 2016, and 2017, the recruitment website can always find information about Jingdong recruitment online loan related positions, and even the recruitment information shows that the department is the newly established department of Jingdong Finance, and “the development prospect is unlimited”.

However, it has not officially landed in 4 years. At the same time, affected by the early development of the online lending industry, the P2P online loan faced a huge crisis in 2018, P2P thunderstorms, closed tides, supervision continued to increase, etc. The latest data of the online loan home shows that as of November, This year, the cumulative problem platform reached 2578. All online lending platforms are on the ice, and the major Internet giants are escaping from the P2P industry.

Now, when the online lending industry is full of crisis and uncertainty,’s Jingdong Xiaojintou and P2P products are not only the first Internet giant in BATJ to clearly deploy online loans and directly operate P2P platforms. Or it means that the P2P industry is ushered in a new situation.