This is the true face of Xiaomi Play! Bonus flow card, 1000 yuan positioning with MediaTek chip

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This is the true face of Xiaomi Play! Bonus flow card, 1000 yuan positioning with MediaTek chip

2018-12-24 20:25:31 138 ℃

According to the previous official announcement of Xiaomi, Xiaomi Play will be officially released at 2 pm today (December 24). Just before the release of the new product, Xiaomi Play also ushered in the last wave of breaking news, the design and characteristics of this new machine were also fully exposed.

First, the design, after Xiaomi officially announced that Xiaomi Play will use the design of the water drop screen, but from the renderings, it is not enough to see the true content of Xiaomi Play, or the real machine map is more intuitive . From the real machine map of network exposure, the most impressive impression of Xiaomi Play is that the screen frame is too eye-catching, basically no sense of beauty. But considering that the machine is priced at around 1,000 yuan, we can't ask for more.

In terms of configuration, it is now According to information, Xiaomi Play will use MediaTek chips instead of Qualcomm Xiaolong. The chip is an eight-core A53 architecture with a maximum clock speed of 2.3Ghz. The external forecast is MediaTek Helio P23. It can be seen that the performance level of this chip is similar to the Snapdragon 625/626 which is the same as the 8-core A53 design. It is not necessarily better than the Snapdragon 636 on the GPU, combined with the 3GB starting RAM, Xiaomi Play. The price is likely to be less than 1,000 yuan, starting at 799 yuan.

and the largest The highlight of the "self-contained traffic", digital blogger @ digital chat station road broke the truth. The original "self-contained traffic" means that Xiaomi will launch a customized version of the rice noodle card, and the SIM card is included with the card. The card has 10GB of traffic per month. Unfortunately, the monthly rental fee is temporarily unknown.

Summary of Xiaomi Play, this phone is a brand new product idea, as a The thousand yuan machine competition is not cost-effective, but depends on some other additional selling points, such as Xiaomi Play's gift card and traffic discount. If it is from the perspective of cost performance, Xiaomi Play is not even as good as some products released by Xiaomi, the situation is indeed awkward.

But for the average consumer, especially those who already have mobile phones and mobile phone cards, they may not be attracted by the “flow attribute” of Xiaomi Play. Another question is, is the custom rice noodle card's traffic package exclusive for Xiaomi Play? How to enjoy it alone? In the future, after the conversion of the package is released, ordinary users can switch to a mobile package such as Xiaomi Play, and what is the competitiveness of Xiaomi Play?

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