Xiaomi 8 Series MIUI 10 stable version update: get the world's top three camera experience

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Xiaomi 8 Series MIUI 10 stable version update: get the world's top three camera experience

2018-12-27 10:25:01 180 ℃

As the leader of this year's Android flagship, Xiaomi 8 has always been loved by rice noodles, which not only continues the millet family's consistent price/performance ratio, but also has a good value. And Xiaomi official is also taking special care of this product, from the internal test to the stable version of the continuous update push can be seen.

This morning, Xiaomi’s official Weibo mobile phone said that it will push MIUI based on Android Pie for several products of Xiaomi 8 series. 10 stable version. This release adds two particularly heavy features, including 960 frames of super slow motion and handheld super night scenes.

It is worth mentioning that as the star function of the official push, the two functions of holding the super night scene and the 960-frame super slow motion can only be experienced on Xiaomi MIX 3 and Xiaomi MIX 2S. Now through this upgrade Xiaomi 8 can finally feel the official world's top three camera experience, they said that this is a "reborn" upgrade. It sounds like a desire to upgrade.

In a nutshell, 960 frames of super slow motion can capture 960 photos in one second and then synthesize through AI. Can be output into a short video, and then share it, the playability is very high, to meet the needs of young people to make short videos.

And another new feature handheld super night scene, as its name suggests, is to enhance the ability of the phone to take pictures at night, mainly for taking pictures at night. There are several common problems with insufficient light input, slow shutter speed, and easy hand-shake. The official has specially added several black technologies such as AI smart metering, AI anti-shake auto-calibration, hardware multi-dimensional multi-frame noise reduction, and multiple long exposure. You can take multiple photos at a time and combine them into a perfect photo, which makes it easier for users to shoot nighttime movies.

As for how to upgrade, users who hold Xiaomi 8 (including Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi 8 exploration version, and Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version temporarily do not support these two functions, but the official said that it will open the push in the near future ), just find the settings - my device - MIUI version, you can check for updates, I suggest you update in the case of WiFi.

It should be noted that in this update, the game acceleration chat window can not be used temporarily, the official explanation is to optimize the Android version update. Although there are still minor problems in this version, but you can't hide it, Xiaomi 8 users may wish to try.

WeChat Android version 7.0.0 beta is now open beta, if you want to experience it in advance, you can get the latest version of the beta experience by replying to the Android WeChat public account link: , download and overwrite the installation.