How to evaluate the glory V20? - A product that makes competitors sad in the winter!

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How to evaluate the glory V20? - A product that makes competitors sad in the winter!

2018-12-27 10:25:06 395 ℃

For the mobile phone industry in 2018, it was a sad year, the market fell, the market was expected to fall, the days of each family became more and more difficult, and the Chinese market was even more bleak.

According to IDC data, global smartphone shipments in the first quarter of 2018 fell 2.9% year-on-year:

The second quarter fell 1.8% year-on-year:

The third quarter was down by 6.0%:< /p>

In this context, Huawei achieved a year-on-year increase of 13.8%, 40.9% and 32.9% quarterly shipments respectively. In the same period, the growth rate can only be compared with Huawei's Xiaomi, but the third quarter shipment of Xiaomi's shipments fell to 21.7%, and the success rate is weak.

After Huawei's mobile phone shipments are climbing, it is the continuous breakthrough of its products. P20pro and mate20pro have been released one after another, and continue to surprise the market.

Under this background, Glory released its annual flagship magic2, starting at 3799, and the main one is the 8299 version of 4299, which invaded the high-end price market.

Magic2 products have obvious highlights, but the short board is also obvious. With the 980, 40W fast charge, the screen fingerprint and the wide-angle three-shot are not enough excellent master photos, too high price, and "butt "Flowering", and this should not appear in a product with a price of 4000+.

In this context, how should glory win back the market and word of mouth?

Now, the V series new product V20 gives the answer.

On December 26, 2018, Glory released its new heavy product, the Glory V20, equipped with Huawei's annual flagship soc Hess Kirin 980, similar to the nova4 punching full screen, 1/2 inch 48 million pixels Sony's flagship soc imx586, 4000mah battery, 22.5W fast charge, 6+128 version for 2999, 8+128 version for 3499.

Of course, this is not a perfect product, this phone has a very obvious slot, the processing of the rear camera:

If this is a three-shot phone, this is not a big deal, but unfortunately, this is a double shot, even if the TOF module has a transmitter and becomes What is the reason for making the flash so obvious?

The same slot appears on magic2, and the flash feels:

The machine is visually uncoordinated, and similar designs, P20pro is much more harmonious:

Adjust the design of the whole machine, the TOF moves to the left, the main camera is in the middle, and the flash is weakened into a small point like P20p, which will look a lot better.

In addition, this phone has no slot at 2999 price, the parameter party's favorite, excellent price.

The overall strength of the 980 may not be as good as the 855, but at the price of the 855 model there is at least four months of the moment, facing the 845 is still an obvious advantage.

The 1/2-inch 48-megapixel imx586 allows Glory to finally fill the short board on its camera and become the flagship of the price.

4000mah battery, 22.5W fast charge and 7nm process technology, so that this phone's battery life experience does not worry.

And, 8.1mm thickness, 180g weight and 6.4-inch screen, a mainstream, comfortable size that can still be operated with one hand.

The post-fingerprint is not a slot, because the LCD punch screen can't make the screen fingerprint, just like the design of mix3 can't fit the fingerprint under the screen.

NFC, gyroscope, UFS, USB3.1, etc., some of the offline models like castration, will not be absent on the V20.

And, sent TOF more, this should be the third mobile phone product of post-TOF, the first is R17p, the second is NEX dual-screen version, the third one is this.

Yes, the punch screen, you may not like this design, but it is the mainstream in 2019, the V20 leads.

In the price of 2999, it is not worthwhile to face the main online competing products, including millet mix3/millet 8 Screen fingerprint version / one plus 6T, and glory magic2.

Lower price, bigger battery, better main camera, and TOF, but the lack of real full screen, screen fingerprint, super wide-angle lens and 40W fast charge. Maybe magic2 is more cool, but obviously V20 is more balanced and more practical.

Huawei's V series has been done for a long time, V8/V9/V10, but the sense of existence has been insufficient. Even if it is V10, it is only after the price drops to 2000-, it starts to go, this is with glory. The gap in the digital series is obvious.

But this generation of V20 is significantly more competitive than its digital glory.

Maybe there will be some breakthroughs in Glory 20, but at least for now, the Glory V20 has achieved its expectations and is a satisfying product.

This is good news for glory, but for the competitors Xiaomi mix3 / one plus 6T, and the Meizu 16 series are terrible.

Different from magic2's main price of 4000+, the main price of this product is 2999/3499, which is lower than mix3 and one plus 6T, but the product strength is not weak.

Big battery, better soc, better camera hardware (under Huawei's algorithm blessing, maybe you can remove the word "hardware"), and TOF.

If the mate20 series is Huawei's charge for Apple's Samsung, Nova4 makes ov's X and R series pressure, then the release of V20 will definitely make a group of Internet mobile phone players unable to sleep?

It is expected to surpass Apple's second place in the world, and then hit Huawei, the world's number one. In the downturn of this industry, it will definitely hurt many people.