Jingdong Suning has taken off the weight of the whole product, Taobao is still sold, Ali said that the investigation results are waiting

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Jingdong Suning has taken off the weight of the whole product, Taobao is still sold, Ali said that the investigation results are waiting

2018-12-27 20:25:16 1301 ℃

The “billion-dollar health empire” has continued to be questioned, and some e-commerce platforms have begun to remove the full line of products such as Quanjian massage insoles and plasma magnetic sanitary napkins.

On December 27th, the 澎湃 journalist searched for "Qian Jian" on the Jingdong platform and found that no related products were found. . Jingdong (Nasdaq: JD) told reporters that all the “quantitative” related products on the platform have been removed.

Tianzhu, Suning, and Vipshop will not be able to find Quanjian products. Vipshop said that it has never sold the goods of Quanjian. On the Suning page, “The relevant products cannot be displayed according to relevant laws, regulations and policies.”

However, in Taobao On the platform, there are still many sellers selling right-weight goods. As of the afternoon of December 27, there are still evaluation records in production.

Alibaba told reporters that "we attach great importance to it and are awaiting the results of the investigation by the General Administration."

A previous media report, December 27, the State Administration of Markets The relevant person in charge said that the “10 billion health empire” Quanjian Natural Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd. caused controversy, the General Administration has already paid attention to the network public opinion, and the relevant business department is understanding the situation.

Tianjin, the headquarters of Quanjian Headquarters, announced on December 27 that the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attached great importance and instructed the Municipal Market Supervision Committee, the Municipal Health Protection Committee and Wuqing District to establish a joint investigation team. Investigate and verify many issues that netizens are concerned about. At present, the investigation team has entered the Quanjian Group for verification.

Guanjian claims that its promotion model is direct sales, but “rights is direct sales or pyramid schemes” has been controversial. Moreover, the function of the promotion of these products produced by this company has been rejected by many experts as “absurd”.

In recent days, the WeChat public account "Doctor Clove" published an article entitled "The Ten Thousands of Health Empire, and the Chinese Family in the Shadow", mentioned that since three years ago, the girl with cancer in Inner Mongolia On Tuesday, Zhou Yang’s father, under the persuasion of Quanjian’s staff, let her daughter give up chemotherapy and switch to Quanjian’s anti-cancer products, which eventually led to the deterioration of the girl’s condition. Let Quan Jian’s past behaviors that have been questioned have been re-examined by the public.

The official website of Quanjian Group shows that the company was founded in 2004 and is a group-based national enterprise based on the health industry, spanning medical, Chinese herbal medicine, health care products, Chinese medicine cosmetics and many other fields. Set up medical institutions, medicinal materials companies, etc.