Trump is worried that Apple’s plunging mobile phone is falling!

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Trump is worried that Apple’s plunging mobile phone is falling!

2018-12-27 20:25:16 266 ℃

Author: Wang Jinghua

2018 years, the most The moment of danger is being staged:

Yesterday, the United States ushered in history

The most bleak and dark Christmas

Apple's market value plummeted 2.59%, and evaporated $18.5 billion a day;

The giant Amazon is also plummeting 2.43%; nearly 20 billion US dollars lost overnight;

Even the old giant Microsoft could not stop; single-day plunged 4.17 %; $30 billion a night of annihilation. . .

The three major stock indexes in the United States, one is more tragic than one!

The Nasdaq fell 140.08 points, 2.21%;

The S&P 500 index fell 65.52 points, down 2.71%;

The Dow Jones riad 653.17 points, down 2.91% >.

According to US public statistics; in the last two months: the Dow has fallen by 20%, the Nasdaq has fallen by 25%, and the S&P has fallen by 22%!

Above: Dow!

Above: Nasdaq!

Above: S&P!

The whole United States is now overwhelmed! Financial markets are all fleeing. . .

Even Trump, who has always maintained the US stock market, started shirking responsibility yesterday and guided all the faults to the Fed; Fear of getting into the upper body and affecting your own presidential throne!

Give you two more!

A. As of press time, AFP has just reported that starting from the 24th, affected by the US stock market, 800,000 federal employees will not receive wages before Christmas; the US capital The cityscape of Washington has begun to be seriously affected.

The report said that even the national Christmas tree in front of the US government’s White House was black and light, and the garbage in front of the Congress had piled up like mountains and no one cleaned up.

The above pictures are all from AFP, you can go online to see.

Second, the largest giant Apple in the United States, in order to save themselves, the new iPhone, which was only released in September this year, has begun to take the initiative to cut prices. Among them, the Chinese market has the largest decline.

Apple's recent stock price chart (even Apple has not been optimistic about capital, have fled)

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0Kw5jEjsBM" />

(screen shot of Apple's official website, the price of a single Apple mobile phone is 2100 yuan)

From the market value of 1.1 trillion US dollars, it has fallen to the current 700 billion US dollars. In just a few months, Apple’s market value has evaporated by $400 billion! The decline in the past two months has reached 30%; Apple suffered the biggest crisis in the last decade. . .

In addition to these, there are many more:

Like Facebook

(August to the present, Facebook’s market value has fallen by half)

Jingdong, for example, is about to fall below the 2014 issue price

Figure: Jingdong. In July, it has now fallen 60%

For example, Ali

Picture: Alibaba

April has almost fallen 40% since July; it has evaporated more than 200 billion US dollars, equivalent to nearly 1.4 trillion yuan. Equivalent to a construction bank!

As the world's top Internet company! Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Ali, JD, etc., each behind the back represents a huge industrial chain! Including e-commerce, social, retail, search networks, cloud computing, big data, games, IT Internet and other service industries.

Even today they are all at risk, and profits have all started to fall sharply!

In economic globalization Today; the performance of the stock market is only a potential manifestation of the country's economic risks; the recent performance of the US stock market is actually a big warning! ! !

The back of Apple represents not only the United States, but also the frontline employees of China’s Foxconn’s hundreds of thousands; the back of Ali is not just the 80,000 Ali employees of Ma Yun; Millions of national Taobao shop owners, more than two million express logistics distributors. . .

Microsoft, Facebook, Tencent, JD, etc....

Upstream people, if there is no water to drink What will happen to the downstream people? ! !

When an avalanche, no snowflake can be spared! In times of crisis, perhaps you can save yourself!

Start now, please be prepared!

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