Plunging 2.7 trillion, Apple collapsed, blood flow into the river!

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Plunging 2.7 trillion, Apple collapsed, blood flow into the river!

2018-12-27 20:25:20 211 ℃
Text / Chaoge

The water is full, and the monthly surplus is lost. The development of most things can't escape this law.

Apple, which combines beauty, technology and temperament, has not been spared. After breaking through the market value of trillions and becoming the world's first bull stock, it turned down and fell.

In 2018, Apple fully experienced the ups and downs, and the stock price experienced a roller coaster-like trend. Just before the Christmas holiday yesterday, Apple and the US stocks went out with a wave of the most bleak Christmas.

The Dow Jones index fell 2.9%, the S&P 500 fell 2.7%, and the Nasdaq fell 2.2%. Apple's share price plummeted 2.59%, hitting a new low since July 2017.

Apple stock price trend

Compared to October 3 High, Apple's share price has fallen by 37%. In terms of market capitalization, compared with the highest level of US$1.1 trillion, it has evaporated by 390 billion US dollars, about 2.7 trillion yuan.

Equivalent to the past three months, Apple's market value has evaporated a Tencent (market value of 2.5 trillion yuan) or 2.5 Chinese banks (1 trillion yuan).

Why did Apple fall so badly? Specifically, there are three reasons.

1. US stocks have a big background.

In the context of continuous interest rate hikes and trade frictions, in 2018, the US stocks that have been cattle for nine years are finally unable to hold back and begin to turn down. Under the megatrend, Apple, Qualcomm, Amazon, Intel, Facebook and other high-tech, Internet companies share the same price.

2, their own problems are constantly changing, and innovation is insufficient.

This year, Apple products have been a frequent problem. First of all, at the beginning of the year, there were complaints from many users around the world. After accusing the Apple mobile phone of updating the system frequently, the performance of the mobile phone decreased and the speed became slower. This is the downsizing door that is soaring.

Because of this incident, Apple was fined by the Italian government and fined 10 million euros. Later, in the first half of this month, Apple was sued by the Chinese government and the German government for allegedly infringing Qualcomm patents.

The banned products in China include: iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The iPhone7 and iPhone8 are no longer sold in Germany.

Behind the frequent exposure problems, Apple’s innovation is weak. Although Apple is still the best mobile phone in the world, Apple is no longer the apple when Joe is at the helm.

Today's Apple, technology has not seen great progress, from iPhone6 ​​to iPhoneX, in addition to enhanced battery life, more facial recognition unlocking function, there is basically no new technology that users can feel. The price is one year higher than one year. The latest version of the iPhone XS max is approaching $13,000.

Apples that are under-innovated have not been able to support high prices. The data shows that Apple's latest three products have not been expected to sell, and the previous iPhoneX orders have also suffered greatly.

The market is the people's heart, and consumers have made choices with their feet.

3, the market is not optimistic about Apple's development space.

This lack of optimism includes two aspects.

On the one hand, Apple's innovation is weak, the price is high, and China's Huawei, OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi compete for the market on a global scale, squeezing space, causing Apple's sales to decline. Apple's price increase is in response to the decline in profits caused by the decline in sales. But consumers obviously don't buy it. Apple's latest three products sell far less than expected, and the reduction in order volume is the best proof.

So in order to turn the tide, Apple China launched a price reduction, time-limited deduction and other promotions on its official website:

iPhone XR 4399 yuan, iPhone The XS starts at only 6599 yuan. Calculated by offsetting discounts, this is the biggest offer that Apple has launched since it entered the Chinese market.

The price of the latest three products from Apple is:

iPhone XR: 64GB for 6499 yuan, 128GB for 6999 yuan, 256GB for 7899 yuan;

iPhone XS: 64GB Price 8699 yuan, 256GB price 10099 yuan, 512GB price 11899 yuan;

iPhone XS Max: 64GB price 9599 yuan, 256GB price 10999 yuan, 512GB price 12,799 yuan.

It’s only three months. Users who buy the above three products at a high price are estimated to want to marry her. But there is no way, can only blame their own hardships, there is still a rise and fall in buying a house, and buying an apple should have this mental preparation.

On the other hand, the market is not particularly optimistic about the development prospects of Apple's technology hardware company. Apple is undoubtedly a global technology company, but the market has always been a technology hardware company rather than an Internet company.

The price-earnings ratio of Internet companies in the general market is generally higher than that of hardware companies. Therefore, when Xiaomi's IPO, forced to position itself as an Internet company, the purpose is to make a high price-earnings ratio and a high stock price. For this reason, Xiaomi has also encountered questions from the Securities and Futures Commission.

Apple's current price-to-earnings ratio is only 12, other Internet companies such as Amazon is 73, Ali is 37, Tencent is 28, and Google is 36. From this perspective, Apple's share price is arguably undervalued relative to other Internet companies.