Is Meizu stable? Zhuhai SASAC and Alibaba will inject Meizu

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Is Meizu stable? Zhuhai SASAC and Alibaba will inject Meizu

2018-12-29 18:32:59 231 ℃

The year of 2018 is about to pass. This year, for the mobile phone industry, it is a few happy people!

Under the slowdown in the global smartphone market and the shrinking domestic smartphone market, the competition in the mobile phone market has become extremely fierce. In addition to the head of several manufacturers still maintain growth (such as Huawei mobile phone shipments exceeded 200 million units this year, Xiaomi has exceeded 100 million units on October 26 this year), the survival of other small and medium-sized brands is increasingly difficult Either be merged, or give up the transformation of the mobile phone market, or "hold the thighs", or you can only be eliminated.

At the beginning of this year, Jinli’s capital chain was broken, and several subsequent restructurings were unsuccessful. At present, Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court has accepted Jinli’s bankruptcy liquidation application. Not long ago, the Mito mobile phone, which is mainly used in the women's mobile phone market, was also "sold out" to Xiaomi. In the middle of this month, ASUS mobile phones also announced a failure and will focus on a more segmented game market. Yesterday, the hammer technology of 4.5 million bank deposits has been frozen by the court, and the shares of Hammer Technology held by Luo Yonghao were also frozen! Prior to this, Hammer Technology has been smashed out of layoffs, the capital chain has broken, and recently it has been blocked by many suppliers. This also makes the outside world worry that hammer technology can survive this winter?

In addition to the small and medium-sized brands mentioned above, Meizu Technology, which once competed with Xiaomi, is not very smooth this year.

Although, in early 2017, Meizu’s founder, Huang Zhang, announced that he had personally left the mountain to create Meizu’s 15th anniversary, “Meizu 15”. After Huang Zhang’s return, he also made many major adjustments to Meizu’s internal system structure and executives. He also invited Yang Tuo to be the chief marketing officer of Meizu, and transformed the Meizu brand, which eventually led to the Meizu internal marketing system in April this year. “Inner guilt”, internal talents began to lose a lot. Subsequently, although the Meizu 15 was released as scheduled, it was not successful in the market.

The open letter from the Meizu President’s Office on June 15 stated that “organizational streamlining and staff optimization will help the company reduce operating costs and achieve profitability goals” and decided to lay off 610 people. And such large-scale layoffs are enough to reflect that Meizu really has a hard time this year.

Fortunately, the Meizu 16 series flagship mobile phone, which was designed by Huang Zhang personally, achieved good results in the market after it was released in August this year, which also made Meizu successfully breathe a sigh of relief. However, in addition to the Meizu 16 series this year, Meizu mobile phones have no bright spots. The sales of Meizu mobile phones have also dropped sharply.

According to the latest data released by Sino, the sales of Meizu mobile phones in January-November this year was only 9.07 million units, down 45% year-on-year. In the past 2017, Meizu’s total mobile phone shipments reached nearly 20 million units and remained profitable.

However, for the Meiji mobile phone sales decline this year, on December 22, Huang Zhang responded to the Meizu official community As the topic of "Yearai Hengqing" charm friends about "the first 11 months of Meizu sales", he said: "At this stage, we actively adjust our strategy and make a lot of money. The future products are better routes and will not use ultra-low-end machines. To make up for sales."

The words of Huang Zhang are good, but at a time when market competition has become hot, cost has become a key factor that cannot be ignored. With sufficient shipments, it is possible to reduce procurement costs across supply chains. More importantly, if there are more shipments, it means more users, and by operating users, it can continue to bring benefits and value to the brand. This is especially important for Meizu, who mainly walks the Internet model similar to Xiaomi.

Summary, this year, Meizu guilty, veteran Bai Yongxiang left, Yang Tuo came and went, the internal layoffs, the sales of mobile phones sharply reduced, in 2018 Meizu really did not go.

So, in the overall mobile phone market to enter the stock market competition, the survival space of small and medium-sized mobile phone brands is increasingly compressed, Meizu wants to successfully stage a "counter-attack" like Xiaomi in the past year is an opportunity. Even many outsiders believe that Meizu may be the next mobile phone brand to be eliminated.

However, Meizu seems to have a new turn!

On December 27, 2018, Meizu Technology announced through its official Weibo that the committee of the Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. was established!

At the same time, some friends on Weibo broke the news, "I heard that the SASAC and Ali are half a month ago. There is a capital injection of Meizu," "Information will be announced in January."

Although many domestic large-scale enterprises have party branches, but Meizu did not, so why? After the massive layoffs, Meizu came to set up a party branch? Obviously, this is not a pure event. This also makes Zhuhai SASAC and Alibaba's rumors of capital injection of Meizu really have some possibilities.

At present, Meizu Technology, Alibaba, and Zhuhai SASAC have not responded to this rumor.

Today, Core Intelligence has checked the ownership structure of Meizu Technology through Tianyan, and has not found any new changes.

However, it is worth noting that as early as 2015, Alibaba invested Meizu 590 million US dollars to win The 28.83% stake in Meizu. Obviously, if you let Meizu decline, it will be a big loss for Alibaba.

If Meizu Technology can really get the new capital injection from Zhuhai SASAC and Alibaba, then Meizu is under Really stable! It is no longer a problem to live at least for the next two years.

Author: core MI - Rogue Sword