ColorOS 6 open beta, OPPO R15 dream mirror version of the fresh experience

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ColorOS 6 open beta, OPPO R15 dream mirror version of the fresh experience

2018-12-29 18:32:59 160 ℃

This morning, ColorOS official Weibo announced that the public beta version of ColorOS 6 has been released. The OPPO R15 Dreampane beta user can check the upgrade in "Settings - Software Update", but this update is for batch push, some users may You can't receive the update prompt the first time, you need to wait patiently for a while.

After this update, the ColorOS version is upgraded to ColorOS 6, and the Android version is upgraded to Android 9.

Last month, OPPO officially announced the new ColorOS 6, ColorOS 6 with a new visual design, the entire design The idea is “borderless” in the official words of OPPO.

The entire interface creates a visual space and hierarchy through whitening, with a gradient of high-definition colors. The interface is more rhythmic. In addition, ColorOS 6 has some innovative breakthroughs in font design, page layout and animation design.

In addition to the design, ColorOS 6 has also been upgraded in performance. Its built-in AI cold storage function, through AI to determine whether you need to freeze the background application, help the phone to reduce power consumption, improve the smooth running of the phone.

The more powerful Hyper Boost can also be played on the game, system, and application levels, from hardware to the upper layer. Cell phone performance is optimized overall.

At present, the system version is still public beta, you can try the latest system features, but you may encounter some bugs. Suitable for users who like early adopters. If you are not a beta user, you need to apply in the forum to update the public beta system.

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