No money to buy a mobile phone? Top 20 cost-effective mobile phones recommended in 2018!

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No money to buy a mobile phone? Top 20 cost-effective mobile phones recommended in 2018!

2019-01-02 09:03:25 246 ℃

A new year is coming. Should a lot of people change their mobile phones?

Small Thunder has the burden of a technology blogger, and has compiled a simple and practical "2018 Sexual Comparison Mobile Phone Selection Guide" for you.

No bb, go straight to the topic.

Small reminder to send a text version to facilitate you to search:

1. Red rice 6 (799 yuan)

MediaTek P22 processing The device (weaker than the Snapdragon 625), the biggest advantage is the cheap + full screen design. The general value is the same.

2. Red Rice 6 Pro (1029 yuan)

Red Rice 6 upgraded version. One thousand pieces will allow you to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. The selling point is dual camera + large battery.

But it is thicker and suitable for use as a backup machine or for parents.

3. Glory 8X (1399 yuan)

Kirin 710 processor, glass body, 6G memory. The main selling point is the AIS handheld super night view feature.

The disadvantage is that the charging is slow, only 10 W.

4. Lenovo Z5s (1398 yuan)

This is currently the cheapest Snapdragon 710 One of the phones. Support 18w fast charge, water drop screen design, and rear three shots.

Although his propaganda means is speechless, Xiaolei can't help but say: really sweet!

5.360 N7 Pro (1599 yuan)

The configuration is similar to Lenovo z5s, also Snapdragon 710 The processor supports 18W fast charge.

But its battery is bigger than the Lenovo z5s. Suitable for college students who don't have enough budget and love to play games.

6. Meizu 16X (1798 yuan)

Meizu 16X is still very good at this price call taxi.

骁龙 710, standard 6G memory, flagship rear dual camera, also supports screen fingerprint unlock, there is a feeling of "2000 yuan flagship."

7. Xiaomi 8 (2299 yuan)

To say the price/performance ratio, you must not miss Xiaomi 8 . Just because of its appearance, the 845 processor + iPhone X, this money can be bought and stolen.

Do not mind the bangs + rear fingerprint + no headphone hole.

8. Meizu 16 (2498 yuan)

Meizu 16 hardware configuration is similar to Xiaomi 8 , is an additional screen fingerprint function.

These two systems will look like which system & look.

9. One plus 6T (3399 yuan)

One plus 6T is the flagship of Xiaolei Machine preferred. Because its system is really smooth. Playing games is very cool, who knows who.

Not to mention the practical features of speeding fast charging, speed fingerprint unlocking and night scene photography.

10. Glory V20 (2999 yuan)

Randomly listed configuration: Kirin 980 processor , 48 million pixels, off-screen camera, and black technology features such as cloud computers and somatosensory games.

Little Ray said that the glory V20 is the king of performance and price/performance this year. No one should oppose it.

Haha, is it particularly short and fast?

There are friends who are using the above machines. Welcome to Speak your experience in the comments and give you a reference.

Little Lei wishes you a happy New Year's Day~ Good night.