Xiaomi is about to grab the "first-year machine" heat, and the products to be released are full of surprises!

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Xiaomi is about to grab the "first-year machine" heat, and the products to be released are full of surprises!

2019-01-02 09:03:43 431 ℃

It is now officially ushered in 2019, and the new year also means a new beginning. For the mobile phone circle, more new species will be welcomed this year. However, according to the current market situation, the mobile phone manufacturer that is about to release the "first year of the new year" is Xiaomi, because Xiaomi announced to the outside world that the new product will meet with everyone in January.

It is now certain that the new machine that Xiaomi will release soon belongs to the red rice series, and the positioning is also the high-end machine in the red rice series. Can clearly feel the importance of Xiaomi on this product, it is inferred that Xiaomi may want to rely on this product to enhance the brand image of the red rice series, so that everyone is full of good feelings for the red rice series.

My personal contact with the red rice series was relatively early. When Xiaomi launched the first generation of red rice, I was lucky enough to grab it. . In the time period, the red rice series products really made people feel great, the product price is very cheap, but the difference with other brand flagship machines is very small, and people really feel that the price is very high.

But as time goes by, more and more mobile phone manufacturers are joining the ranks of price/performance competition, and Xiaomi’s requirements for the red rice series , still the main configuration and cost-effective. This also makes everyone slowly biased the red rice series products, I feel that the design of the series is really a bit bad, and the product photography experience is very poor.

User requirements are high, as mobile phone manufacturers must follow the needs of users, so the biggest upgrade point of the new generation of red rice series products is to take pictures, the official has said that this product will Will bring users a 48 million pixel camera, no accident, it should be equipped with the latest Sony IMX586.

With this hardware support, you don't have to worry about the photo performance of this red rice product, which is definitely in the middle of the industry. The price should not find an adversary. In addition, everyone is concerned about the design of this generation of red rice series products, it is also expected to get rid of the metal three-segment back of the fuselage, changed to the current industry's more popular double-sided glass and metal middle frame, and the back of the fuselage glass is also carefully polished Gradient colors are definitely indispensable.

In summary, these advantages can be inferred that this new red rice machine that you will meet in 2019 will certainly not disappoint everyone, at least in practicality and high The price/performance ratio will give the user a satisfactory answer. I don't know what you think?