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Xiaomi play use brief talk

2019-01-02 09:03:45 1098 ℃

2019 Happy New Year!

Millet play is the last mobile phone released by Xiaomi mobile phone at the end of 2018. It is also a very controversial Xiaomi mobile phone. Its release accompanied by the disappointing voice is accompanied by the understanding. So what is the actual experience of this model?

First of all, my definition of this model is a model with a low price and a low price point with a higher price point and a clear, clear model with a certain premium. Let me analyze each one for you.

There is no such high price/performance ratio - this is evident from the use of the first MediaTek P35 chip, but after a few days of experience, I found this chip not so unbearable. In daily use, almost all scenes of this chip can be flexibly used to deal with smooth use, in addition to Taobao and stimulating the battlefield such high-pressure scenes, the other use of this chip can still be flexible. Taobao will have obvious stuck in the first few seconds of entering, and it will be used normally after loading. As a 1k mobile phone, this is understandable.

But after witnessing the extreme shortage of the price of the meter 6, I think the price/performance ratio is not necessarily a bad thing, because it guarantees the full supply of the model and the sales of the mobile phone.

There are fewer highlights - when discussing this model with friends, I ridiculed that this model "except for the value of nothing", I got the fantasy blue color, gradient The back cover really made my eyes shine, and my friend said that this model has a feeling of aurora blue of Meizu 16 (as shown below).

I personally feel that this model has the following selling points - gradient back cover (price down to thousands Yuan), comes with traffic (10G high-speed traffic per month, the attached Xiaomi play special card is Unicom, the network speed is really good), the drop screen design (the value is actually much higher than Liu Haiping), there is a headphone jack (The earphone hole of the Xiaomi series is finally back), 150g thin body (this must have a deep understanding of the small partners who used the meter 6 and MIX3), 1080p resolution (less in the thousand yuan machine) Yes), LCD screen (LCD is never a slave! I used the tired OLED screen and then used back to the LCD screen, I feel extremely deep), fingerprint recognition (after feeling the screen fingerprint of my sister's X21UD, I decisively put this Points are included in the highlights, but the post-fingerprint still has to give a bad review, but given the full screen is understandable, the 5.15-inch screen feels the screen (this is because my hand is relatively small Decided, big friends and big screen lovers can ignore)

The value of the face is higher - as shown in the picture (forgive my cooking chicken photo level), this model is really good! Do not accept rebuttals. However, the reaction speed of Xiaomi is a bit slow, I hope I can hurry later. The rear camera also bid farewell to the traffic lights double shot, which is extremely comfortable.

The selling point is clear - you can get it in the first moment of getting the phone box (抠鼻) - bring it flow.

Other selling points can also be seen after opening the box - drop screen and gradient back cover (please ignore me again) Dish chicken photo level). There is also a 2+1 type card slot, which can insert an SD card and two phone cards, which is good news for users who need to expand the memory, and the price of the memory card is also lower than the difference between different models.

There is a premium - Seeing this, in fact, many price-performance fans will be dissatisfied, but with a higher price to save the cumbersome and waiting anxious, I think it is understandable. After experiencing the two models of Xiaomi 5X and Xiaomi Note3, I actually think that the word "premium" is not necessarily a derogatory term. In fact, this means that mobile phone manufacturers can have more profits to be reserved for mobile phone production and sales. All aspects of the game also have some huge benefits for the benign operation of the mobile phone manufacturer's capital chain.

The short board is clear - lack of type-c interface, no fast charge, thick front border, small battery, plastic back cover. However, it is still satisfactory to replace the headphone jack with the lack of the type-c interface. Supporting only the charging speed of 5V2A is really not very friendly to modern people who are fast-paced. The front border is thicker - it takes a while to get used (as shown below). The battery is small - 3000 mAh battery, which can basically meet the moderate use of the day. Plastic back cover - it is also easier to produce electrostatic ash when fingerprinting.

Summary: After a few days of use, I think this model is far less uncomfortable than what is said online. In daily use, the experience with the MIUI 10 model is still good. Under the price of 1k, this model should be regarded as a very qualified model with certain bright spots. At the same time, under the limitation of this price, we can't expect it to have the ultimate experience of the flagship machine. And having a certain premium ability also means that the company can have better supply capacity and better capital operation ability, and at the same time can bring a better purchasing experience to consumers. I think this is more beneficial than harm. . For a listed company, this is also understandable.

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