You will buy these new flagships in 2019.

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You will buy these new flagships in 2019.

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Small, we have Came to January 1, 2019.

What new mobile phones will you buy this year? We may wish to predict in advance, add a bit of inventory.

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Apple is held every year. To 4 press conferences, usually in March June and October.

The most important points are March and September. In addition to the 2019 cheap version of the iPad in March, it is possible to release a small-screen flagship iPhone that people have not forgotten. Of course, the next-generation iPhone naming in September has not yet come out, but it is likely to be named iPhone XI based on current news.


As the world's number one vendor in terms of global sales . The flagship model that Samsung brought in 2019 this year should have three series, namely Note10 in the second half of S10 in the first half of the year and Samsung Galaxy folding screen mobile phone that may be released at the end of the year. S10's spy photos have been seen a lot, and the more certain is the front screen digging holes, but where is this solution?

As for Samsung’s folding screen mobile phone, it is considered by Samsung to be a turnaround, because the current s and note two The performance of the large series of markets is getting weaker and weaker. If Samsung can mass-produce folding screens that other manufacturers can't, it will certainly cause a sensation in the market.


Huawei’s momentum in 2018 is very strong. Whether it is the p series in the first half or the mate series in the second half, it is a pity that the mate20pro in the second half of the year is still out of stock. However, I believe that in 2019, Huawei will learn the lesson and find a more secure solution when choosing a raw material supplier.

It has been confirmed that Huawei will release p30 in March. You can look at the spy photos of the earlier. As the strongest series of camera phones, we are still very much looking forward to the p30. I hope that Huawei will once again refresh its upper limit on video phones.

OPPO and vivo

OPPO and vivo in 2018 The people's eyes are bright, whether it is launched at the end of the year, the mobile phone with a mechanical lifting screen structure, or the dual-screen mobile phone launched at the end of the year, which makes people look at the two manufacturers who mainly sell offline.

The two vendors who tasted the sweetness should update their new generation flagship product in June 2019, OPPO Find X 2 and vivo NEX 2.


2019 is likely to usher in Xiaomi 9 Significant changes, the current Xiaomi has been listed, the funds are more abundant than ever, and the only question is whether Xiaomi 9 will still learn the iPhone X design.

The current media judgment is generally that Xiaomi is still safer to use the millet 8 in order to pursue higher stability. the design of. More surprises are not from the machine, but from the price.


According to the news revealed by the previous Meizu channel, In 2019, Meizu will launch 16s instead of Meizu 17.

Although Meizu’s mobile phone has adopted a miniature Liu Haiping, Meizu 16s will still adopt the same as the previous generation Meizu 16 The design will not use Liu Haiping in large quantities.

Which new machine do you most expect?

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