Low with iPhone screen How to measure iPhone XR screen with spectral angle

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Low with iPhone screen How to measure iPhone XR screen with spectral angle

2019-01-02 09:03:50 123 ℃

The screen resolution of the iPhone XR is 1792×828, which is basically the level of 720P. It is necessary to know that the phone is basically 1080P resolution. From the perspective of resolution and PPI, this screen is indeed a place where there is nothing to write a book. Of course, the resolution of 720P brings two advantages, the first is low cost, and the second is energy saving.

In addition, we also noticed that although the iPhone XR is a full screen, the black border between the screen and the border can be almost run, and this design is not advanced. Nearly 7,000 yuan of mobile phones are paired with dual card dual standby and more advanced processors, but the screen quality is not surprising.

The border of iPhone XR can be horse race

For mobile phones, especially for XS MAX with AMOLED screen The cost of purchasing AMOLED screens is the highest of all accessories, up to around $100. The purchase price of this LCD screen of iPhone XR may not even have half of the price. After all, it is the resolution of 720P, and the size is not very strong.

The basis of color gamut is spectral composition

Apple's propaganda point for this screen is color performance, we Today, let's use real data to see if this statement is reliable. The color of the screen is mainly the quality of the backlight system, and the quality of the backlight system can be judged from the spectral composition of the backlight.

To this end, we specially tested the spectral composition of the screen backlights of Xiaomi MIX, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone XR using professional equipment. The following are the test results:

Millet MIX Spectrum

iPhone 8Plus Spectrum Figure

iPhone XR Spectrogram

Spectrum Composition is Screen Color The basis of performance does not necessarily mean that the richer the spectrum, the better the screen performance. Because this also involves the problem of color accuracy, but the spectral components are lacking, the screen color will be better. Because the spectrum is not good, the color map can only look for a similar color instead of (the problem of not finding the right is the calculation, can not find the problem of the hardware), can not be accurately restored. The spectral composition can be understood as the key to the gamut size.

The spectral contrast of iPhone XR and Xiaomi MIX (translucent part is the spectrum of iPhoneXR)

From three mobile phones In terms of spectral composition, the iPhone XR's color performance is very similar to that of the iPhone 8Plus, but overall it is slightly better, especially the green part, so in theory, the iPhone XR's green performance is better. Compared with Xiaomi MIX, the performance of red and green is much better. The screen of Xiaomi MIX is indeed worse than iPhoneXR.

The spectral contrast of iPhone XR and iPhone 8Plus (translucent part is the spectrum of iPhoneXR)

So the screen of iPhoneXR In fact, the progress is not particularly large, but it does stand out in the LCD screen. Its resolution and full screen angle we have said in general. The color angle of the iPhone XR is a little better than the iPhone 8 Plus, and there is no revolutionary progress. If you have the opportunity, we will test the comparison of the spectrum of more mobile phones in the future. There is a lot of data that is beyond everyone's imagination.