Praise Samsung's new negative optimization UI interface

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Praise Samsung's new negative optimization UI interface

2019-01-02 09:03:58 106 ℃

At the Samsung Developers Conference, Samsung released a new One UI. Not to use Samsung’s friends to look at it, you may not see any difference, but according to the current online Looking at the various information, it is still very different from the original TouchWiz.

This is the first major revision and update of Samsung on the UI since the release of Android 9.0. This time the propaganda on the software is different from the past. It is rare for the developer conference to spend some time to introduce the new system.

It is said that the development of the new system takes five years

It seems that Samsung has long realized that

the eager expectations of all the people

only But I haven't done it yet

I don't want to talk about it

I still like this character

There is a reincarnation when designing three or five.


Mobile is no exception

It’s like this year hasn’t waited for you to read well

Suddenly reappears

Sliding like a slippery

Millet Mix3

This time Samsung

reminded Tony p>

A long time ago a UI

Nokia MeeGo

Tony was quite like it MeeGo system

feels better than iOS at the time


was the master of design aesthetics

but the system Negative optimization of the talents

Used Saipan’s said cards


This time Samsung opened the beta channel for the beta version of the Bank of China.

There are friends who have upgraded the Beta version of the Bank of China.

The fluency is not getting Improve

but a lot more bugs

. .

Although it’s Beta version

But it’s a five-year Beta

It seems to be in "negative optimization"

It’s really

Blue out of blue

Friends who want to upgrade and don’t want to toss

Still waiting for the official version of the push bar

It’s said that people’s good places still have to be praised.

Desktop icon redraw

Samsung redraws commonly used system application icons, and the icon changes from the original stick figure style to geometry. Enhanced contrast and recognition.

Left One UI, Right Touch Wiz

There is a kind of abstract paintingThe feeling of becoming a children's picture. . .

The new drawer interface will have a new design called "Focus Blocks" that will organize similarly-like software into one place, making it easier for users to operate.

The new One UI on the left

is the old Touch Wiz

< p>Notification bar optimization

The notification bar can basically be said to be redone

Launch notice bar becomes right angle R angle

This change

Let Samsung UI's design language is more uniform

Rounded icon

Second-stage drop-down

The shortcut icon becomes larger

The buttons in the Control Center are more intuitive to operate

Background multitasking arrangement changes from portrait to landscape

This is in line with the system's global optimization for one-handed operation

After all, the mobile phone is more The wider you are

You are getting longer~

Menu and settings Change

Settings menu adjusted layout

Separate preview area from interaction Typography

Doing this to a great extent Optimize one-handed operation

Reduce the picture from the bottom diagonally before

There is an additional one-handed logic

this is on the previous generation UI

Add Night mode

In this mode, the phone will have better battery life Optimization

Reading experience is also more comfortable than before

Comprehensive screen gestures can be done without any problems

Steel three keys

Gospel of OCD patients

In the screen mode

The notification icon can be set to a different color < /p>

Notes and alarms have been optimized accordingly

Mom no longer have to worry about me forgetting Take medicine

In addition, there are updates in contacts, cameras, fonts, transition animations

The market share lost in the past two years, Samsung has to give up The throne of "Android King".

This update may be a new attempt to downplay the overall business temperament of the phone, so that the sleek UI design Should be able to attract a lot of new user groups.

Next February,

. . .

There is a

Galaxy S10

will be officially equipped with One UI

from the existing more reliable mobile phone shell manufacturers According to the spy photos provided, it is estimated that it is almost the same.

This is not very good now. . .


" Anyway

Trying to change is always good