Apple iOS 13 first exposure!

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Apple iOS 13 first exposure!

2019-01-04 00:22:54 256 ℃

IT home January 3 news If there is no accident, Apple will officially release the iOS 13 system at the WWDC19 Developer Conference in June this year. Now, Apple has been found to be testing devices running iOS 13.

According to foreign media MacRumors, starting from October 2018, devices running iOS 13 system began to be discovered. In November and December, devices running iOS 13 systems visited their websites. Increased. The number of visits slowed down in late December, but this is most likely due to Christmas and New Year holidays.

In addition, the IP addresses of these devices running iOS 13 to access the MacRumors website are from Apple. Before the big version of iOS was updated, Apple usually used the new version of the system a few months in advance.

There are news that iOS 13 will include new features for iPad users, such as improved file applications, multi-window runs, and more.

The report pointed out that for the iOS 13 system, users are eager to join the improved message center, Diablo mode, hidden or deleted Dock options and so on.