Red rice is independent, can it be "glory"?

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Red rice is independent, can it be "glory"?

2019-01-04 00:23:00 275 ℃

Opening in 2019, Xiaomi moves frequently.

Last night, Lei Jun happily took a group photo on Weibo and announced that Lu Weibing, the former president of Jinli Mobile, officially joined Xiaomi. Today, another rumor has been confirmed. Xiaomi officially announced that The red rice brand, which is mainly in the low-end market, will operate independently and will be renamed "Redmi".

About the difference between the two brands, Lei Jun also explained it in Weibo:

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There is news that Lu Weibing, who has just joined Xiaomi, will be responsible for the red rice brand, and the new brand also deliberately adopted the English name "Redmi". This is the naming method of the red rice model overseas, and Lu Weibing had previous experience in operating overseas markets in Tianyu and Jinli. Red rice is popular in Southeast Asia, but as competitors gradually raise in overseas markets, Xiaomi does need to be vigilant.

After the independence of red rice, Xiaomi’s mobile phone products have the main high-end millet, red rice, cost-effective self-portraits and fashion photos, black mobile sharks and POCO brands. . In the domestic mobile phone growth suffered a stagnation, re-planning the product line, targeted, is the first change made by Xiaomi.

The red rice, which is known as the “end of the cottage”, has been the mainstay of Xiaomi’s shipments for the past few years, but it is too much to rely on the entry market, which in turn will be a hindrance to the brand’s move towards the high end.

Now, Xiaomi can slap the low-end machine to the red rice, concentrate on the high-end machine, and this is the battlefield of Xiaomi’s repeated smashing in the past. Last year, Xiaomi’s flagship product line Mix has also been made a cost-effective positioning, the outside world once sang Xiaomi has no ability to do high-end machines.

After separation, the two sides will also have their own product lines. Xiaomi will have millet Play as an entry machine in the 1000s. Red rice will also have a so-called "true flagship". In part, there will be internal competition, but more is differentiated operations.

It is foreseeable that the positioning and starting price of the Mix series will increase significantly, otherwise the meaning of engaging in dual brands will be lost.

As for the "4800" in the reflection, it is not a secret. As the first brand of the new brand, the new red rice machine must stand up. Not surprisingly, this new machine is a new 48 million-pixel machine that Lin Bin had previously launched on Weibo, and Xiaomi’s old rival glory has just released the new machine glory V20, which also carries a 48-megapixel sensor.

The strategy of Xiaomi’s dual brand is hard to let people take it with the current domestic mobile phone market share. The first name - Huawei + glory for comparison.

The glory of the five-year-old birthday is the Internet sub-brand established by Huawei in 2013 to attack Xiaomi. At that time, the Xiaomi model was in full swing, and glory also said that Xiaomi is learning. Object.

Huawei's dual-brand strategy is a step-by-step strategy, while Huawei is focused on high-end machines, and has gradually stabilized the high-end market through business positioning and cooperation with brands such as Porsche and Leica.

Glory, it competes with Xiaomi, glory "pull down the water", and Xiaomi has a "set" of glory. Now, after continuous rendering, the opponents of the same grade in the eyes of the outside world It has changed from Huawei to the glory of separation. Today, the latter also surpassed Xiaomi in shipments.

After the separation of red rice, Xiaomi’s brand image should also try to move closer to the high-end. Inevitably, the glory must be drawn to the same position as the red rice, while Xiaomi is working towards Huawei, but Glory itself also has a more introductory "playing" series. In the future, compared to products, maybe the public relations war between the two sides will be more interesting...

There will be a period of pain in the transition, and the brand image is not Once it can be established overnight, how can the red rice flagship get rid of the hat of the thousand yuan machine, how Xiaomi can stand firm at the high end, all the problems, the millet out of the comfort zone, the challenge will only be more.

Double-brand is one of the most important adjustments in the history of Xiaomi mobile phone.

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