Life and death are indifferent to do: once the image of the past changed, why did the generous Lei Jun suddenly "change his face"?

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Life and death are indifferent to do: once the image of the past changed, why did the generous Lei Jun suddenly "change his face"?

2019-01-13 09:01:33 328 ℃
< p > Lei Jun has recently been active as a high-profile microblog. As the founder, chairman and CEO of Millet Group, Lei Jun's microblog usually forwards advertisements of his products, introduces new functions of products and occasionally sends out his daily work.

But before the launch of new red rice products on October 10, Lei Jun changed his image and became a "mobile phone enthusiast". He frequently interacted with netizens on micro-blog to discuss the related issues of red rice brand and new product configuration. According to 36 krypton incomplete statistics,

By intercepting the release time of millet official announcement to the day of new product release, Lei Jun released 25, 14 and 28 microblogs directly related to products (including forwarding) before the release of millet 8, millet MIX3 and red rice Note 7. Not only that, Lei Jun also used the cooperation of red rice and tremble to preheat the new products for the first time.

incomplete statistics of Lei Jun's preheated micro-blog before the release of new products

In order to make the single flight of red rice smooth, Lei Jun also struggled. Huang Zhang, the founder of Meizu, may have been the last big man in the technology circle who interacted with netizens so intensively before the release of new products.

Lei Jun's "abnormal" performance in social media also continued to the press conference of new red rice products and the media group visits after the meeting. On this day, Lei Jun not only released a new volume product Red Rice Note 7 for millet, but also contributed to the headlines of numerous media.

"Life and death are indifferent, do it if you don't obey them"

On January 8, when forwarding a propaganda picture with the content "Red Rice Redmi fears no rivals and has a cost-effective ratio for death", Lei Jun said, "I like this sentence,'Life and death are indifferent, do it if you don't obey them!"

This rather gunpowder-flavored slogan was also moved to the PTT of the press conference by Lei Jun. At the first public meeting in 2019, Lei Jun did not continue the "touching price generous" grounding style of previous press conferences, but frequently sent out "ruthless remarks" to isolate "diss" friends and businessmen. Compared with millet and Huawei, the configuration and running points of glorious products are more direct. The performance-price ratio of

has nothing to do with friends and businessmen. When we do our best, you will see the gap.

is not compared with friends and businessmen, but a little shameful compared with them.

Although we are kind people, kind people are not equal to doing nothing.

I took out the mobile phones of my friends and found that they really couldn't help calling.

Facts have proved that these "cruel words" have attracted enough attention to help Lei Jun and the newly released Red Note 7, which almost set off the trend of screen brushing. On the evening of the conference, Lei Jun forwarded his microblog and said:

Millet has been in business for eight years, and has been really miserable. In the past, I have been reminding myself to endure, but I can't endure it! uuuuuuuuuu Today's Redmi conference, indulgence, I hope you understand! Behind Lei Jun's slightly radical announcement, millet had to make changes in the face of intensified market competition. The competition between millet and its friends has already spread from propaganda warfare full of gunpowder flavor to sales competition of real knives and guns in various market segments. < p > < H3 > and glory < / H3 > < p > Previous data released by China Communications and Communications Institute showed that in 2018, the domestic smartphone shipment volume was 390 million, down 15.5% from the same period last year. In the face of the declining market, if you want not to be eaten by your competitors, you have to eat them. After eating up the market share of Jinli, Meizu, ZTE, Samsung and other second echelon manufacturers in the Chinese market, the head manufacturers (Huawei, millet, OPPO, vivo, Apple) will face more fierce competition. It is against this background that Red Rice Brand is independent and Red Rice Note 7 is released. Before that, millet has released a millet Play with much lower configuration but almost coincident price than Red Rice Note 7. After the conference, Lei Jun also explained the difference between the two brands. Red rice "pursues the ultimate cost performance ratio" and millet "does not pursue the absolute cost performance ratio, but the cost performance ratio must be maintained". In other words, starting with millet Play and red rice Note 7, millet and red rice machines at the same price have been clearly distinguished in terms of selling points, configuration and target consumers. Lu Weibing, the new general manager of Red Rice Redmi Brand, also said that after the independence of millet and red rice, red rice should assume more extreme cost-effective and larger scale. Before the end of millet, the situation of right-handed and left-handed competition between millet and red rice often occurs in the middle and low-end market. While red rice continues its high cost-effective route and explores the middle-end mobile phone market, millet brand mobile phones will assume more mission of technological innovation to open up the gap with red rice in hardware configuration.

Referring to the friends and businessmen that Lei Jun has been mentioning at the launch meeting, millet brand will be free from the previous situation of matching glory with the target, no longer "low Huayi", and red rice will become a brand that competes with glory positively in terms of cost-effectiveness. With the support of the sales scale of red rice on the whole product line, millet will have more confidence to try new technologies on the flagship products. At the beginning of 2018, Lei Jun once proudly said "two and a half years to return to the first place in China". Now that one year has passed, the problem facing millet is not whether it can return to the first place, but how to keep its basic position in the increasingly competitive market environment.