On-site exposure of millet annual meeting: Lei Jun He Xiaopeng delivered 21 Xiaopeng cars to employees

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On-site exposure of millet annual meeting: Lei Jun He Xiaopeng delivered 21 Xiaopeng cars to employees

2019-01-13 09:01:33 1046 ℃

Letian of Leidi. com reported on January 11

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun bought 16 Xiaopeng G3 as a super prize to reward outstanding employees'achievements in the past year and as an incentive to face the challenges coming in the next year. Xiaopeng He, chairman and CEO of Xiaopeng Automobile, also appeared on the stage at this time, announcing that five more Xiaopeng G3 were sent as a raffle gift to pay tribute to the employees who have contributed to Xiaopeng Automobile.

Beijing University of Technology Olympic Stadium, Millet Group 2019 meeting site, seven red-and-white interspersed Xiaopeng G3 has been waiting outside the stadium.

He Xiaopeng said that as soon as he entered Xiaomi's annual meeting hall, he was infected by the overwhelming happy atmosphere. Why can't he worry about such a morale? I believe Xiaomi will burn up this year. Xiaopeng He also said that the award group, Xiaopeng G3, will not be delivered on site, but will be delivered to the millet winners in the second quarter of this year in strict accordance with the ranking order of the prospective owners.

This is not the first time Xiaopeng G3 has appeared on the stage as the annual conference prize of Internet companies.

p>img src="/1ydzximg/0L4JLV7oTC"/>p>Xiaopeng Automobile

p> parked outside Jinshan 30 years ago, Lei Jun, as chairman of Jinshan, went to the scene as early as December 22 last year at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of Jinshan, and jointly presented 30 Xiaopeng G3 prizes to Jinshan employees with two "elders" Zhang Xuanlong and Qiu Bojun.

Lei Jun sent a message at that time: "We are convinced that in the road of entrepreneurship, one person may go faster, but a group of people will go farther." It has been widely circulated since then.

In fact, why Xiaopeng is a good mentor and friend on the road of entrepreneurship, Lei Jun's attention and support to Xiaopeng Automobile has a long history. On July 18, 2018, Lei Jun became the first visitor of Xiaopeng Automobile, who had just moved into the newly built Intelligent Park, and made a detailed test driving experience for Xiaopeng G3, which was not officially listed at that time. After that, Lei Jun presented Xiaopeng G3 as a grand prize at the annual meeting of Jinshan and Xiaomi, which also showed his confidence in Xiaopeng G3's reliable quality and intelligence.

Millet needs to fight a protracted war firmly

Millet CEO Lei Jun also gave a speech today. Lei Jun said that 2018 is a milestone year for every millet.


"2018 is still the beginning year of millet organization construction. We made the most important organizational restructuring in the company's history and began the transition from guerrilla to regular army. According to Lei Jun,

, Xiaomi has set up a new group organization department and a new staff department, reorganized ten first-level business departments, and put a large number of young management cadres on the front line. This year is also a harvest year for millet talent introduction. Millet introduced a large number of top technical and management talents represented by Lu Weibing.

"In 2019, we are facing the most serious challenges, and there is no room for blindness and optimism." Lei Jun pointed out that the Sino-US trade war has increased the uncertainty of the economic situation in terms of the external environment. As far as the mobile phone industry is concerned, it is a fact that the overall demand of the global mobile phone industry is sluggish. In this winter, everybody's life is very bad.

Meanwhile, millet also faces many internal challenges. There are two main challenges facing millet at present:

the contradiction between the expectation of the public and the millet flour and the innovation and development speed of millet; the contradiction between the high-speed development speed of millet and the management ability of millet today;

the challenge is very severe, but it can be overcome; the contradiction is very prominent, but it can be solved. The good news is that both internal and external challenges are being addressed, and millet only needs more time.

Talking about how millet will do in 2019, Lei Jun said, "Fight a long and lasting war firmly! Especially for the mobile phone business, we should abandon the illusion of quick victory, tolerate the slightest misjudgment of the situation and relax the competition every minute.

In 2019, the most important thing for millet mobile phone business is to continue to consolidate the foundation, continue to innovate, quality and delivery, and firmly implement multi-brand mobile phone strategy. Millet and Red Rice Redmi will be independent. Millet will focus on advanced technology and take the lead in introducing it into the flagship market, laying out the new retail line and the whole channel. Redmi will die in the extreme cost-effective ratio and the business market. In addition to

, Millet's Black Shark, Meitou and POCO brands will exert their full force on the vertical track of game users, female users and overseas geek users.

2019, millet officially launched the "mobile phone+AIoT" dual engine. This is millet's core strategy for the next five years. "I said a sentence:" Life and death are indifferent, do it if you refuse to accept it! " Lei Jun said, like this sentence, because it is full of blood. Lei Jun also said that this kind of fearlessness is the fire in Xiaomi's heart. Every millet man has a fire in his heart. It burns like a raging fire for eight years. "The fire in our hearts is wilder than the severe winter and fiercer than the blizzard!" < p > < p > < br > < p > < p > < p > < strong > Lei Di touched the net by senior media man Lei Jianping, if reproduced, please specify the source. <<<<

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