Li Guoqing: Apologize for Liu Qiangdong's remarks, "Don't cheat guns in the name of love."

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Li Guoqing: Apologize for Liu Qiangdong's remarks, "Don't cheat guns in the name of love."

2019-01-22 17:02:24 1097 ℃
< p > At noon today, Dangdang founder Li Guoqing posted a microblog to apologize for his comments on Liu Qiangdong on December 23. The following is the full text of Li Guoqing's apology:

I apologize for my remarks made yesterday. < p > < p > 1. I apologize for the trouble I have caused you, especially women. I did not advocate openness in the full text. For example, I was married and single. An example is to remind everyone to respect each other and not to cheat in the name of love. Today Sweden calls on couples to sign up before having sex.

2, as one of the major shareholders of Dangdang, I apologize to Dangdang users for the negative impact of personal comments on Dangdang. Please continue to focus on Dangdang products, especially the significant progress under Yu Yu's leadership. My personal views have nothing to do with Dangdang. < p > < p > 3, my sociological stratification and quantitative training make me feel more comfortable, sexual, emotional, and marital derailment bring low, medium and high degree of harm to family members and derailed objects. I did not defend derailment, let alone advocate openness. But I neglected the individual's feeling of victimization and fell into the group stratification theory of traditional Chinese medicine shop in vulgar sociology.

4. In the years when entrepreneurs were worshipped, I was the first to criticize and self-criticize the shortcomings of this group. In the past year, when entrepreneurs were stigmatized, I stood up to speak for entrepreneurs.

My original intention is to practice rationality, not to be overwhelmed, to think independently, and to analyze myself, to assume the responsibility of celebrities, it is `I would like the bright moon', `a curling heart in a jade pot'. If I'm wrong or self-inflated, I welcome criticism. I never close my comments in the media. I read all my private opinions.

This time I learned lessons, improved communication, put down body, first qualitative and then quantitative, please supervise.

The cause of the incident was that on December 23, Li Guoqing forwarded Liu Qiangdong's Weibo and made an unqualified evaluation.

Li Guoqing's comment on Liu Qiangdong's incident:

Li Guoqing's remarks attracted many criticisms, and Dangdang's official microblog strongly condemned Li Guoqing himself. < p > < I > Dangguanwei strongly condemned Li Guoqing:

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