Samsung S10 has a big surprise, which is what users want.

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Samsung S10 has a big surprise, which is what users want.

2019-01-22 17:02:35 381 ℃

br>Samsung has announced the release date of its new flagship Samsung S10 series products as early as possible. It can be predicted that the products brought by Samsung will not disappoint everyone. At least, there will be a great breakthrough in appearance design. The information exposed at present shows that Samsung S10 series products will adopt hole-digging screen design, and the proportion of product screens will be greatly increased. Samsung S10 series products do not squeeze toothpaste. I believe this is what most Samsung fans hope to see. At present, the situation of Samsung in the domestic market is not optimistic. The large-scale rise of domestic mobile phones continues to engulf Samsung's market. And the Samsung brand is not popular, which leads to the performance of Samsung products in the domestic market is increasingly unsatisfactory.

However, industry insiders have analyzed Samsung's weak performance in the domestic market. Most of the reasons are due to the lack of product innovation and the strong substitutability of products. Compared with the products launched by domestic mobile phone manufacturers, it is not necessary for users to pay a large price for Samsung's products, and it is also a good thing to support national products. Samsung's S10 products may be improved this time, because the products Samsung brought this time may be really amazing. Recently, according to the latest news, it was reported that foreign media found fingerprints on the screen in the system code of Samsung products, which also means that Samsung S10 series products are likely to become Samsung's first mobile phone product using screen fingerprint identification technology.

But there are some problems at present. Most of the screen fingerprints on the market are photo-sensitive screen fingerprints, and the photo-sensitive screen fingerprints need thinner OLED display to achieve, but the hole-digging screen seems to be only LCD-based screen to achieve. So it seems that they really can't coexist!

However, according to supply chain information, the supplier of screen fingerprint technology for Samsung S10 series products is Qualcomm, and the solution of screen fingerprint is not photosensitivity, but ultrasound. Ultrasound screen fingerprint can be realized on LCD material screen, so it can be explained at once. Screen fingerprints

have gradually become common, but still can not be recognized by some large factories in experience. I believe that screen fingerprints will usher in a new round of experience improvement in 2019, when more and more mobile phone manufacturers add screen fingerprints to their products. At present, I don't know what you think about the screen fingerprint information exposed by Samsung S10 series products.