The XR of the iPhone has fallen to 4733, and Apple will be critical in the next two years!

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The XR of the iPhone has fallen to 4733, and Apple will be critical in the next two years!

2019-01-22 17:02:38 1128 ℃

I believe that most of the people who pay attention to Mingmei Infinite are apple company's fruit powder. Let's recall that in the era of Qiao Gangzhu, with the help of iOS system and innovation, the high-end market can be described as overwhelming, rare opponents, but also accumulated a lot of fruit powder. Some models even need it. Queuing, snapping up and other lively scenes are also constantly emerging, many people are also proud to own an iPhone phone. But in the past two years, with the rapid rise of domestic manufacturers and the relative lack of innovation in Apple's iPhone, the situation of the iPhone is changing dramatically. Last year, it was a very difficult year for many mobile phone manufacturers, but for Apple, 2018 has been a more difficult year, and the decline in the sales of the iPhone has also made Apple helpless! uuuuuuuuuu

This also reminds Mingmei Infinite that when I was a poor student, I was a fruit powder. I watched almost every Apple product launch from 2000 to 2014, and I had a bad performance on the parameters of the 1st generation to 6S of the iPhone, although I only bought the first Apple-iPad Mini in 2013. Over the years, I gradually bought two iPad air, golden 5S, red 5C, 2015 13 inch MBP, deep air ash 6SP, deep air ash 8P, some for my own use, some for my family, and also upgraded from spirit powder to half fruit powder, gathering at least three traditional sets. Early Apple products never let Mingmei infinitely disappoint me, the iPad Air updates to 12.1 system is still available, watching videos, documents, light games are fully competent. 8P dual camera is very fragrant. It gradually replaced the DSLR in 18 years and became the main camera of Mingmei unlimited travel. Fifteen MBPs, how always not bad, write code, write documents, repair drawings, experience is always so smooth, feel that it can fight for another three or four years.

is not a long-term prosperity, since last year's "double eleventh", the "falling" model of the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max has begun. Especially for the iPhone XR, Shuangxi Jingdong and other channels, the price has been reduced to about 5900 yuan. However, after New Year's Day in 2019, the price of the mobile priority version of the iPhone XR in Jingdong is only 5399 yuan, and only 5099 yuan for more. < p > < p > In the face of aggressive struggle, Jingdong launched another war today. According to the official microblog announcement of Jingdong Mobile Communications, today, Jingdong will release a coupon of "4980-666 yuan", which only sells 5399 yuan of the iPhone XR in the coupon support list, and the price after the coupon may be as low as 4733 yuan! This is probably the cheapest iPhone XR in the world. Mingmei Infinite I seem to have heard the voice of the American people denouncing Apple's injustice! On the 2nd of this month, Apple pointed out that the Chinese market was the main reason for the downturn in the sales of the iPhone, and downgraded its performance expectations for the first quarter of this year. This news shocked the international market, but in the Chinese mobile phone market, local manufacturers such as Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and millet accounted for nearly 80% of the market, while the market share of the iPhone was only about 9%. Not only that, Apple has been letting consumers'fanaticism of "innovation" disappear. Last year, the launch of the new machine was even more caught up in criticism of high-priced strategies. With the impact of the Sino-US trade war, the outside world kept looking down on the development of Apple and believed that the future of the iPhone in China will be hard to escape.

In fact, the practice of Apple's iPhone is understandable. Just like Apple issued a performance warning a while ago, Cook gave two reasons for the decline. The first reason was the low consumption in China, and the second reason was that the previous battery replacement plan affected the sales of new products. From this reason, it is not difficult to find that many users would rather continue to use the old mobile phone than buy new products, after all, the old mobile phone is enough, as long as Apple does not deliberately limit product performance. At this point, if the price of the iPhone XR continues to fall, it will become another blockbuster iPhone. Is it good or bad for Apple to make such a face-to-face reduction? Fig. 1 can bring sales as soon as possible, but in the long run it will cause well-known damage to brand impact.

Finally, Mingmei Infinite would like to say: in the near future, will Apple go back to the old ways of Nokia and Motorola? In many cases, the rise of giants may have elements of luck, but their disappearance is mostly out of touch with the rhythm of the development of the times, immersed in the former glory, new things replace old things is inevitable, it is only a matter of time. 2019-2020 is the key two years for Apple. The future of Apple is in Cook's hands!

So, if you have anything to say about the recent price reduction of Apple's iPhone, leave a message in the comments section to Mingmei Infinite for me to participate in the discussion.