Glorious V20 Cloud Computers Are Really Comparable to Desktop Computers? We did a test.

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Glorious V20 Cloud Computers Are Really Comparable to Desktop Computers? We did a test.

2019-01-22 17:02:39 176 ℃
At the end of December, Glory V20 was launched together with its impressive GPU Cloud feature. At the launch, Glory introduced that by using cloud computers and cooperating with the development dock, Glory V20 can instantaneously incarnate as a PC computer, which can not only meet the daily office needs, but also run most of the games on the market smoothly.

Of course, some consumers are doubtful about this statement. After all, it is not realistic to use mobile phones to play large-scale games or anything. In early January 2019, Glory V20 finally implemented this function after software upgrade. Since consumers have doubts about it, we have also started a test. If you want to play PC games with your mobile phone, you have to be prepared for these

We can play large PC Games directly with Glory V20? If you think so, there must be some cognitive errors. In fact, Glory V20 allows you to connect directly to remote cloud computers using the built-in "cloud computing" function and get a near-real computer experience on a high-quality network. At the same time, we can also choose to connect peripherals to enhance the operation experience, including keyboard and mouse. In addition,

in such a small screen, it is impossible to get the same experience as PC, so projecting to a large screen is a necessary step.

Therefore, we purchased a new mobile phone multi-function expansion dock (USB-C interface) produced by Green Union at our own expense. With the help of this expansion dock, we can not only use the Glory V20 connection button mouse, but also cast the picture in the mobile phone onto the large screen.

In addition, it should be noted that glory V20's cloud computer functions have certain requirements on network quality. The official recommendation is to use with exclusive, 5M upstream and 10M downstream wired networks, and the network delay is best around 10ms. Of course, if the wireless network is strong enough and stable, you can also try it.

When we are ready, we can begin to experience the cloud computing function of Glory V20. How about the actual experience of


Connect the Hollywood and the display screen. As long as we plug the mobile phone into the USB-C interface, the display will automatically recognize and switch to PC mode. At this time, the screen of Glory V20 will become a touchpad. Strong > On the desktop in computer mode, we can find the "cloud computer" icon, click on the icon to start the experience, but here you need to log in to Huawei account (if you have logged in to the system, you can skip it).

After landing in Huawei account, we can begin to experience cloud computing functions. However, if we want to use cloud computers, it will cost a little money. Here Huawei offers two charging schemes, one is on-demand, the other is business office and game omnipotence. Consumers need to buy corresponding packages to rent Huawei cloud computers.

Here Xiaolei (Wechat: leitech) purchases a game plan with a discount price of 3 yuan/hour for the purpose of playing games. After paying, you can access the cloud PC in the main interface.

Here we can see that the boot interface of cloud PC is exactly the same as that of Windows computer (in fact, the real Windows computer). At the same time, cloud PC will automatically load a series of loads and enter the main interface directly after completion.

with keymouse, its operation experience is no different from our own PC. And in the case of excellent network quality, there is no obvious delay. At the same time, a series of games have been downloaded on the desktop of cloud PC. At the same time, Steam client is also provided. Friends with Steam account and games can download games by themselves.

Here we use the "NBA 2K Online 2" game brought by cloud PC as a test, mainly to examine the fluency and gameplay of the picture. For this kind of partial competitive games, if the picture is not smooth enough and the delay is high, then it is basically not playable. If Glory V20 cloud computers can overcome these factors, then we can think of the function as having practical significance, not gimmicks.

Limited by the company's conditions, we chose the more popular and easy-to-access wireless network as the connection basis. In this game, the software automatically judges to be medium quality, but we can also manually adjust to the highest or other levels.

and under the default picture quality, our experience of playing "NBA 2K Online 2" with Glory V20 is acceptable. There is no frame number display in the game, and the overall gameplay is acceptable under 30 frames. As for the action delay, it is basically kept at a high level. As soon as the keymouse reflects, the characters in the picture make corresponding actions. <<



But if the performance of NBA 2K OL 2 is concerned, the practicality is acceptable. In addition to playing games, Glory V20 cloud computers can also do many things, such as office suites, Photoshop and so on. Because in fact we operate real PCs remotely through the Internet, the experience is very good.

5G will make this function more valuable

In a short period of experience, Xiaolei believes that you have seen the essence of Glory V20 cloud computing function. We can understand that we rented a cloud-based computer from Huawei via Glory V20, and then all the screen content was transmitted to our mobile phone through the high-speed network. The mobile phone was processed and then output to the screen or external display screen.

Because the way of cloud processing depends heavily on the network, if there is a demand for games, it is better to use it with the official high-speed network. But even if the quality of the network is not so excellent, it is also competent to complete general office tasks. The reason why

Glory V20 can provide a better cloud computing experience is that Heis Kirin 980 chip has been optimized for this scenario separately, and its outstanding GPU strength has become the basis for the realization of this function. Moreover, Huawei itself is a top telecommunications service provider, so its cloud services can be so stable and low latency. Huawei's own strength and the ability to glorify the V20 terminal are the key to the realization of cloud computing functions. However, what Xiaolei needs to add is that the network quality of consumer mobile network and cable network can not make the cloud service play perfectly. Strong > Even if the delay can be maintained at about 10 ms, the experience of cloud services still has some room for improvement.

Obviously, only 5G is the technology that can provide real low latency network. The characteristic of 5G network is that it can provide up to 1ms delay. If 5G network is used to connect cloud computers, then all the delay problems are no longer a problem. In addition to glory, top technology companies such as Google and Yingweida are developing streaming media technology based on cloud technology, which is implemented in the same way as V20 cloud computers. With the advent of < strong > 5G network, these enterprises have seen the dawn, and cloud computers, or streaming media services, are expected to truly become the mainstream of the future industry.

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