Vivo APEX 2009 Bright Screen Render Exposure This Screen is a bit invincible

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Vivo APEX 2009 Bright Screen Render Exposure This Screen is a bit invincible

2019-01-22 17:02:43 356 ℃

[Mobile China News] vivo's muscle show in 2018 is vivid. APEX, NEX and other products have become amazing works in the mobile phone industry. By 2019, vivo had not stopped innovating. According to official news, the new vivo APEX 2019 will be released on January 24, and said that the aircraft will evolve again, using scientific and technological power to wake up to the simple future.

In the network channels such as micro-blog, vivo APEX 2019 messages emerge endlessly, with true and false. Recently, there was a picture called vivo APEX positive rendering picture in 2019. Its positive visual effect was amazing. Compared with vivo NEX, the frame control was more extreme, especially the lower frame almost exceeded the level of the iPhone XS, and the whole screen accounted for a very high proportion. However, the authenticity of this picture is still difficult to conclude, you can refer to it.

vivo APEX 2019 will release

but according to previous rendering maps and official street video released by vivo, the main design style of vivo APEX 2019 should be minimalist and futuristic. In the future, redundant holes and keys on mobile phones will disappear, thus forming a harmonious and unified look and feel. And vivo APEX 2019 should be a kind of advanced exploration for future mobile phones, as to what level vivo can achieve at this stage, we will wait and see.

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