Mimi Xiao Ai speaker HD: I'm getting fatter and stronger

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Mimi Xiao Ai speaker HD: I'm getting fatter and stronger

2019-01-31 10:25:01 232 ℃

Digital products are incredibly fast iterations, which have just stepped in in 2019, and those products that were just hot last year have quickly become the yellow flowers of yesterday, and people are beginning to rack their brains to think about how to survive the battle in the new year.

To mention the hottest equipment in the last two years, smart speakers are definitely on the list. Since it is a matter of scientific and technological products, millet naturally has a sense of existence. After testing water with a millet AI speaker, they have recently brought a more powerful and bulky millet AI speaker HD. After more than a year of precipitation, millet has naturally made great efforts to challenge the smart speaker products that have the same skills as those on the market. As a product of Smart Family Assistant level, millet Xiao What is the originality of love speaker HD, and whether it can satisfy those critical users? Xiao Ai classmate, you are "fat" and < p > Before Xiao Ai speaker HD, Xiao Mi had launched a smarter AI speaker for Xiao Mi, and got a good evaluation. After upgrading and evolution, the compact speaker HD in our hands has expanded into a huge thing with a height of 23.4 cm and a width of 15 cm. In fact, from the current field of smart speakers, products to achieve this size are rare.

In order to avoid the appearance of "silly big black thick" product image, millet wrapped a light-colored fabric decoration on the millet love speaker HD, with the round corner design of the speaker frame, it makes the millet love speaker HD more "warm" design sense, and matches the female role sound quite well. As for the weight of 2.1kg, naturally it will not. It causes any trouble in handling, even a sister can move easily.

On the top of the fuselage, the compact companion speaker HD carries four physical keys, which are used to adjust the volume, pause/play music and turn off/turn on the microphone. At the same time, around the key, companion companion speaker HD also has a ring-shaped LED band, which can be used for setting, standby and receiving voice instructions. Feedback through different lighting effects, so the overall operation of the speaker is relatively simple, direct and clear.

Of course, for users familiar with millet, it is never difficult to connect to the mobile phone for settings, but in fact, besides the "little love classmate" APP, it can also access to the "Mijia" APP on the mobile phone, just like the smart home we used before, and after the authorization is completed, we can access the "Mijia" APP on the mobile phone. The voice control of some smart home under the same network is implemented by "giving orders" to Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker HD.

What can a smart speaker do? In fact, at present, smart speakers can do well, and Xiaomi Xiaoai HD can do well. I believe that the users who pay attention to Xiaomi products are familiar with Xiaoai classmates'voice assistants. We have already contacted this voice assistant from the early launch of Xiaomi AI speakers, Xiaomi smart phones and some smart home products of Xiaomi family.

Functionally speaking, we often use "set an alarm clock", "how is the weather", "play XX music" in traditional AI voice assistants and some smart home devices connected in series through the Internet of Things in Mijia. Xiao Ai students can do it, and their understanding of Chinese is also compared with that of Xiao Ai students. Precision, even if English is mixed with Chinese, if English is a common word, most of the time millet love speaker HD can be successfully recognized, but in some cases need multi-stage operation to complete the use of cooperation, need to constantly use "love classmates" command voice wake up there is always a sense of communication is not smooth, I do not know whether it will be improved later?

About the impact of smart voice assistants and smart home devices on daily life, it is probably the only way to have the deepest feeling. For example, when you cry out "Love your classmates, turn off the lights" in the bedroom and the whole room darkens, you will really feel how happy it is to be a lazy house. A warm thing.

Of course, for the general user, the most commonly used instruction is "Xiao Ai classmates, play a song" and so on. Because it can bind QQ music account, the content of the music library of Xiao Mi Xiao Ai speaker HD is naturally large enough to find the songs we want to listen to most of the time. From the test point of view, if the bound QQ music account opens the membership service, then songs with VIP restrictions can also be played normally by Xiaomi Ai speaker HD, but if songs like "look what you made me do" need to be purchased separately, even if the QQ music account is purchased for a fee, Xiaomi Ai speaker HD can not search and play synchronously.

Of course, for QQ music, such music with "special needs" is not very common, so there is no need to worry too much when it is used. If you feel that the volume of the speaker is insufficient, of course, we can also control it by voice commands such as "Love your classmates, lower the volume" or "Love your classmates, turn the volume to 30%. Even in the full-volume scenario, we do not need to increase the pitch too much. We directly use the tone of the daily conversation to control the voice. Millet Love speaker HD can accurately recognize. It seems that the ring microphone array composed of six high-sensitivity microphones is well-known.

Don't fall asleep soon HIGH

Since the name carries the word "speaker", the sound quality performance naturally needs to be considered. In terms of hardware configuration, Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker HD has a 4-inch bass unit and four 2.25-inch medium/treble units, which are neat and tidy. In the voice orientation adjustment, the expression of Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker HD is very simple and direct. First of all, the volume is amazing. When it reaches 80%, it makes me worry that my neighbors will come to my house. But after 100%, even if the users are in the corner, the sound of Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker HD will burst your eardrum and call you high.

As for the performance of sound quality, we can hear more or less from a piece of Taylor Swift's Sparks Fly. First of all, the performance of musical instruments in the beginning is quite clear. Even under the condition of large volume playing, the sound lines of guitar and Beth are not pasted together. In the voice part of the performance, millet love speaker HD will be more "white water", not too much rendering.

But what I have to say is that if we listen to electronic music like cat factory, the performance of Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker HD is commendable. At least in the low frequency processing, Xiaomi Xiaoai HD shows a very competitive experience in the same level speaker. It seems that the 4-inch bass unit has really made a lot of achievements.

qualified advanced products

In fact, especially for rice flour, millet love speaker may not be a device to stimulate the desire to buy, after all, compared with previous millet AI speaker, millet love speaker HD has not changed much in function, and more accurate sound pickup effect may be more obvious in experience. Upgrade, but at the price of 599 yuan, users obviously want more.

So much upgrade performance, Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker HD really focuses on the extra cost of improving the sound quality. First of all, enough unit arrays can make Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker HD output ideal sound at any location in the room, while larger bass and cavity design, also let Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker. HD has a more surging sound quality performance. So for rice noodles that pursue sound quality and critical ears, maybe the previous generation products have some regrets in sound quality and broadcasting performance, but now they can get an intelligent speaker with sound quality and intelligent "two blossoms" for an extra 300 yuan. Why not?