Re-exposure of the iPad Mini 5: Compatible with smart keyboards, prices may rise

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Re-exposure of the iPad Mini 5: Compatible with smart keyboards, prices may rise

2019-01-31 10:25:12 199 ℃
< p > In the early morning of this morning, Apple announced Q1 results for fiscal year 2009. According to the data, in the last quarter of last year, sales of the iPhone suffered setbacks, especially in the Greater China market. However, Apple is doing well on products other than the iPhone, which has been selling sluggish iPads and has seen revenue growth.

According to previous exposure, the iPad mini series will be restarted to enrich the product line and help Apple grow in the tablet market. Now, the rear-shell spy photos of the iPad Mini 5 have been released, and the more obvious change is that the antenna strip has changed. In addition, the positioning of the iPad Mini 5 may still be in favor of entry-level products, winning by price.

Recently, foreign developers found that iPad Mini 5 will add support for smart keyboards and Apple Pencil. At the beginning, Apple Pencil was the exclusive product of the iPad Pro. But starting in 2018, in order to enter the education market and stimulate increased sales of the iPad, Apple has devolved this function to the inexpensive iPad 2018.

However, the iPad 2018 does not support Apple's smart keyboard, but requires Bluetooth to connect to the wireless keyboard. Now, the iPad Mini supports both smart keyboards and Apple Pencil, which means it may be positioned higher than the 9.7-inch version of the iPad. It is not difficult to understand the product and pricing strategy of

. The pricing of the iPad in the early years of 2018,2000 yuan is basically limited, and it is unlikely that the price will continue to fall. Of course, it's not necessarily a bad thing for us. While the price of the iPad Mini 5 is higher, it may perform better on screens, speakers, cameras and so on, where the iPad 2018 is basically a passing line.

According to the Apple product release cycle, if not surprisingly, the iPad 2019 and the iPad Mini 5 should be launched in the first quarter of this year. If you happen to have these needs, you might as well pay attention to them; if it is not particularly urgent, you may not buy the iPad 2018 for the time being.