Wechat is not an easy change!

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Wechat is not an easy change!

2019-01-31 10:25:20 206 ℃

Recently, iOS and Android versions of Wechat have received 7.0.3 updates.

compared with the 7.0.0 version update that brought a new interface design and "time video" function a month ago, the official update note of Wechat 7.0.3 has only one sentence, which solves some known problems. But in fact, Wechat has made several changes, including the new widget desktop. On the old version of Wechat < br > < br >, only one line of "recently used" widgets and one line of "my widgets" can be displayed in the drop-down of the chat box page. In the new version of Wechat, dropping down the chat box can bring up a new desktop with a small program covering the entire screen.

left is the old version of the applet drop-down page, right is the new version of the applet drop-down page

If you continue to pull-down, you can call out the entrance of the "search applet". Interestingly, the "most recently used" line in the old version of the applet page can slide left and right to display multiple applet icons, while the "most recently used" item in the new version of the applet page still has only one line, and at most three applet icons are displayed. The rest of the recently used applets need to click to jump to the secondary list to display completely.

The new version of the applet drop-down page reduces the number of "recently used" applets displayed

while increasing the number of "search applet" entries. It is learned that the drop-down page of the Weixin chat box is the largest flow entrance of the applet, and the new version of the drop-down page can display up to 50 smaller ones in the "My applet" item when it becomes the desktop. Program. The design of the drop-down page of

new version of applet has quite a model of mobile home screen application desktop. If you press a small program icon for a long time and drag it to the bottom of the desktop, you can delete it. Does this design create an illusion of deleting a mobile app?

The new desktop of the applet

In January 2019, the relevant person in charge of Wechat revealed in the Open Course PRO that by the end of 2018, the average daily use frequency of small programs had increased by 54% compared with the end of 2017, and the next day retention of large-scale users had also increased from 34% to 54%. In the whole year of 2018, small programs provided more than 100 billion business and government services. A good little program < br > < br > < / P > < blockquote > < p > can often satisfy user scenarios, solve practical problems and provide users with real value.

Wechat Official also provided a number of new small program templates:

such as the small program of square dance, so that middle-aged and old people who like to dance square dance can communicate with their friends, learn, communicate and find more square dance without downloading app, and

class management tools can let teachers release bulletins and information with one click at the same time. Let parents and students better manage their time and arrange their study;

small procedures of community stores can enable a mother who is cooking to buy essential food or condiments at home, and goods can be delivered to the door in a relatively short time.

In my recent years, the frequency of daily use of Wechat widgets is significantly higher than before, which is mainly due to some high-frequency widgets.

In addition to the "precise real-time bus arrival" which has been in use all the time, in the last year, the author has successively used such small programs as "bus code", "Guangdong Provincial Affairs" and "Nandu Digital Newspaper". Among them, "Passenger Number" and "Nandu Digital Newspaper" are basically used every day.

At 7:33 a.m. every day, the service notification in the chat box of Wechat will push a newspaper reading reminder, and then the author will click in to browse the electronic newspaper of the day.

After brushing your teeth and washing your face, you will open the"Passenger Number"applet when you leave the door to the subway station and take the subway to the office through the gate.

"Passenger Number" applet

As for the "Guangdong Provincial Affairs" applet, it integrates all kinds of government services in Guangdong Province. When dealing with certificates or signatures, the author will give priority to it.

Obviously, it is such a tool-oriented and high-frequency use of small programs, so that Weixin intends to create this new format presents a lasting vitality. In the new version of 7.0.3, Wechat designed a full-screen desktop for the applet, which provided a larger space for implementation. After two years of development,

applet ecology has gradually grown up, and Wechat seems to have a bottom line through which to call on app ecology more positively. But until now, the dividing line between apples and apps is still clear. Few people will watch videos or listen to music on apples, and the demand for creativity or productivity is even more unbearable. At the same time,

Ali and Baidu have hardly launched Weixin applets outside Tencent. Of course, there are also such precedents as Weibo applets or today's headline applets. Besides WeChat, Alipay and Baidu are also working on small programs. For example, in Alipay application home page, you can use similar WeChat drop-down operation to evocate small programs.

Alipay small program

, in addition, some domestic Android manufacturers are promoting the application of lightweight tools such as "fast application".

in summary, in front of WeChat applet, there are both strong app ecosystem and wider application scenario. Alipay / Baidu and other small program followers, as well as "fast application", are the followers of equipment manufacturers. Of course, as far as the current achievements of Wechat applet are concerned, it has gained a share of the traditional app market (represented by high-frequency tool applications) and gradually gained a foothold. Perhaps this is already a victory.

But next step, Wechat applet is facing not only the issue of how to further penetrate into the traditional app market, but also the strategic follow-up from its peers. In addition, as a driving force of the rapid development of the applet ecosystem, can the social user growth (activity) dividend of Wechat platform continue? The eighth anniversary of the birth of Wechat < br > will the next eighth anniversary be a glorious new era of small programs? Regardless of the final outcome, it may be time for Weixin's small program to show a sharper side. Beginning with the 7.0.3 version of

which provides a full-screen new desktop for small programs, we hope that Wechat will make greater breakthroughs in the ecological construction of small programs and benchmarking small programs this year.

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