Millet 9? Millet Five Camera Mobile Phone First Exposure: Three Cameras Back Steady

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Millet 9? Millet Five Camera Mobile Phone First Exposure: Three Cameras Back Steady

2019-01-31 10:25:27 429 ℃
< p > On the afternoon of January 30, Wang Teng, director of millet products, published a microblog, which was deleted seconds later. In the literal sense of Weibo, it mainly talks about millet engineers testing mobile phones during lunch break.

But from this picture, we can see that the focus is its camera watermarking "AI PENTA CAM". PENTA means "five". That is to say, this mobile phone is designed with five cameras.

So does this "five-camera" mean that it is a rear five-camera like Nokia 9 PureView and Huawei Mate 30? Not exactly. As far as the three circles of the camera watermarking are concerned, the possibilities of the front and back five photographs (pre-dual photography + Post-Three photography) are greater. So, it seems that this camera phone is probably millet 9.

Wang Teng, director of millet products, sent an interesting message on Weibo. He indicated in reverse that millet 9 would be released in 2019. Lei Jun previously suspected of using the machine to publish a micro-blog "Ha ha ha ha ha ha".

A mysterious new millet aircraft appeared in the national 3C certification a few days ago. The machine is manufactured by Fuzhikang OEM. The model is M1902F1T/A and equipped with MDY-10-EH. According to its display specifications, the machine can support up to 20V/1.35A, or up to 27W charging output. In addition, it is compatible with 12V/2.25A and 9V/3A output specifications.

According to microblogger@digital chat station, Xiaomi 9 will be released in late February, which coincides with the time of MWC2019. But according to convention, millet digital flagship is generally released in China, so it is unlikely to appear in MWC. Whether the millet MIX 35G version will be released on the same platform is unknown.

According to previous exposure, millet 9 may still have two size versions, rumored to be 6.0 inches and 6.4 inches, of which the small screen version is located in the middle, while the large screen version is the flagship. In addition to the differences on the screen, there will also be minor hardware changes, such as small screen version or a processor code-named Qiaolong 7150, while the large screen version of the flagship millet 9 will be equipped with Gaotong Miaolong 855 chip to support 5G network.