Lin Bin took a photo of Xiaomi 8 and Lei Jun said he wanted to learn from him.

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Lin Bin took a photo of Xiaomi 8 and Lei Jun said he wanted to learn from him.

2019-02-09 09:16:58 468 ℃

Lei Jun and Lin Bin, the two Xiaomi's household members during the Spring Festival, are really idle. In recent days, Lei Jun has focused on Red Rice Note7 and Millet 8 Youth Edition, while Lin Bin has been focusing on Millet 8 from a year ago to now. It was just yesterday that something very interesting happened between them.

Everyone knows that Lin Bin has been focusing on taking pictures of millet 8 for nearly a month, from the beginning, he has been promoting the hand-held super night scene of millet 8 to the "boring" follow-up pictures during the Spring Festival. The same purpose is to show you the super photographic ability of millet 8. Yesterday Lin Bin said that this casual photograph of millet 8 can be used as a postcard. And when netizens saw it, they said, "It's much better than Lei Jun's photography." Who can think that this comment was seen by Lei Jun? Lei Jun directly said, "Learn from Lin Bin." This interaction is very interesting. Before that, Lei Jun liked to take pictures too, as if he had seldom done so in recent months. However popular Lei Jun and Lin Bin are with each other, the only essential purpose is to show Xiaomi 8's photographic ability. Perhaps many people do not know that Millet 8 is also the top three camera model in the world, because it is exactly the same as Millet MIX3's camera module, and some time ago, the official has put Millet MIX3's camera algorithm completely on Millet 8. I remember that when I just upgraded the Super Night View mode, basically all the users of millet 8 were dispatching fig maps, for which Lin Bin specially sent many benefits to the users of millet 8.

millet 8 was released on May 31, 2018. It is the first dual-frequency GPS model in the world. It is equipped with Qualcomm Mirong 845 processor, using Samsung 6.21 "Samsung AMOLED screen. It is also the highest-selling model of all the MYL 845 platforms in China, with sales exceeding 6 million units as of October 26, 2018, according to official data. It is also the main model for millet to stabilize the mid-high end market in 2018. Now it is supposed to be the most cost-effective model among the 845 platforms currently on sale. After all, the starting price is only 2099 yuan.