Red rice Note 7 experience the performance of small guns that eat pigs and eat tiger *

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Red rice Note 7 experience the performance of small guns that eat pigs and eat tiger *

2019-02-09 09:16:58 389 ℃

Send Grandpa a mobile phone on New Year's Day, the elderly mainly pay attention to the cost-performance ratio, < strong > not too high configuration, moderate price, easy to use, special optimization for the elderly on these points. I chose Red Rice Note 7 at last. I bought the 4 + 64G version at Taobao's price increase because it was too hard for the government to grab, and the price was 1309 yuan (the official 4 + 64G version was 1199 yuan, more than 100 yuan).

As the first gift of Red Rice after it became an independent brand, the high performance-price ratio of Red Rice Note 7 does not say: 48 million rear dual-camera; 550 mobile platform; 4000 mA-hour battery; 6.3 inch water drop screen; Type-C interface; plus 18 months of quality assurance, these add up to the price of 999 yuan, which really makes people feel hot-blooded, not only exclamation. "Six years ago, the feverish millet came back?" <

Red Note 7 Sending Old People's Advantages:

<1080P screen; Big Mac font display; eye protection mode; 18-month warranty; 4000mA ultra-long endurance at 4000mamp

6.3 incinch water drop screen or 1080Gift In addition to regular warranty cards, there are also inferior membranes that foam after sticking, inferior headphones and inferior mobile phone rings, which make the mobile phone shell barely usable. As can be seen from

, the advantage of the price increase is that 100% can be purchased and shipped in Shunfeng. The disadvantage is that it is expensive, as well as these inferior accessories.

In the official website, the advantage is cheap, the original price, the disadvantage may not be grabbed. Specific how to buy, netizens weigh the point, do not say much.

To be honest, when I opened the box and saw Red Rice Note 7, it was like seeing Millet Play. Indeed, the design styles of the two mobile phones are extremely similar. They are water drop screens, wider chin, post-dual camera and post-fingerprint. The resolution of

Red Rice Note 7 is 2340x1080, which is more conscientious. I remember last year I gave Grandma a 720P mobile phone. At that time, many netizens scolded me for being unfilial and gave me a low resolution. This time I think there should be less abuse.

Compared with the iPhone XS, I think that Red Rice Note 7 has obvious advantages in the appearance of the entire ID, and the smaller water drop screen is superior to Liu Haiping in the visual sense.

Many brands of 1000-yuan models, such as Glorious Play 8A, also introduced the design of water drop screen.

Speaking of screen, Red Rice Note 7 is not easy to play. It supports sunscreen and night-light screen. It displays better in strong or weak light environment. Of course, it also has eye protection mode , which is why I chose it as my grandfather's gift.

The screen has a little more conscience, that is, the mobile phone also smeared with oil layer, for friends who do not love film, this is not a good thing.

Red Rice Note 7 has a 2.5D glass back panel. It has three color matching options: Twilight Gold, Dream Blue and Bright Black. My hand is bright black.

Red Rice Note 7

Because of the glass backplane design, it looks more high-end. The logo logo of "Redmi" is more striking below the back, which is also the first product to use Redmi characters.

and or slot

SIM card, Red Rice Note 7 uses traditional and/or slot, and has two kinds of slotting methods. For grandpa who has never played with a smartphone and his friends who don't know how to plug in the card, the list above is given.

Red Rice Note 7 bottom feature

retains 3.5mm headphone hole, and the charging port is Type-C interface, both positive and negative can be plugged in, which is convenient for the elderly. Fingerprint

has a good speed. It can be unlocked by pressing with hands. The position of the back fingerprint is not too high or too low. It can be unlocked by touching with hands.

Red Rice Note 7 Fingerprint Unlock

and then show you the picture of Dream Blue, which can bring different visual experience compared with black. <


>>red rice Note 7 DreamBlue DreamBlue <<<


< strong > < strong > Full-blood version of Maolong 660 measured stable Big Mac font is also very friendly to the elderly

< p > Lei Jun mentioned the processor of Red Rice Note 7 at the release meeting, emphasizing that it uses Full-blood version of Maolong 660. That's the Moulong 660 AIE mobile platform. This SoC has a maximum main frequency of 2.2 GHz, which is more powerful than the standard version of the main frequency of 1.95 GHz Luan 660 chip. Samsung's 14 nm FinFET process is adopted in the Lulong 660 chip. The CPU is 8-core Kryo 260 and the GPU is Adreno 512. This processor has swept the mid-high end market for almost 18 years.

Next let's look at the running points of this mobile phone.

You can see that Red Rice Note 7 scored 1444452 in the Angora Rabbit Running Score Test; Geekbench 4 scored 1663 in single nucleus, 5643 in multi-nucleus, a 1000-dollar model, and its performance calculation ability is at the level of a light flagship, which is not easy.

main interface and drop-down notification menu

multitask management and negative screen

system, Red Rice Note 7 is equipped with Android 9.0-based MIUI 10 stable version system. In 2018, Millet released the MIUI 10 system at the 8th Anniversary Conference. This system is mainly designed with the "full screen" as the core, and uses a new system UI vision to further develop the advantages of the full screen mobile phone. The shortcomings of

also make rice noodles obvious, such as: the strange sound of the lock screen; the twisting sound of keyboard clicks; the inconvenience of the waterfall background task when cleaning up a background; the need for each drop-down to display the power, and so on. These have been improved in MIUI 10 stable version.

millet system is intimate in that for the elderly to use, there is a "Big Mac" name to choose, which undoubtedly provides a more convenient experience for people with poor eyesight, which is also a major reason why I choose Red Rice Note 7 to send to Grandpa.

4800 pixel photography experience is generally enough for the elderly

Red Rice Note 7 uses 48 million pixel photosensitive elements, compared with the mainstream 12 million pixels increased by four times, in 48 million high-pixel mode, a single pixel of 0.8 um can theoretically bring better resolution sample. In front of the camera, Red Rice Note7 carries 1.3 million pixels of lens, supporting AI scene recognition, AI beauty, background virtualization and other functions.

For the photo function of mobile phone, more is to look at the curative effect without looking at the advertisement, let's see it quickly.

红米Note 7样张

红米Note 7样张

红米Note 7样张

红米Note 7样张

Red Rice Note 7 samples

< p > can be seen that daily outdoor samples, Red Rice Note 7 performance is moderate, exposure, white balance, sharpness are at the normal level of the same price. But after all, it is a thousand yuan machine, which is slightly weaker in detail and picture purity. When shooting in a darker environment, there will be more obvious noise points. In the complex environment of light, there will also be loss of details.

4000 mA battery is charged once a day

Red Rice Note 7 carries 4000 mAh battery and supports QC4+fast charging technology, but the standard is 5V/2A charging head, which can not enjoy fast charging. Lei Jun also said at the conference that you can add 10 yuan to buy 18W charging head.

Red Rice Note 7 can be reused in five hours, the remaining power is 35%, and the reuse in five hours is almost the same as that in common use, that is to say, the mobile phone can be charged once a day. Charging, because I did not buy 18W fast charger, resulting in charging performance is not very ideal, half an hour charging 27%. For partners seeking high endurance experience, it is necessary to purchase 18W charging head.

Write to the end of

In general, the mobile platform of Luanlong 660; 4000 mA battery; 6.3 inch water drop screen; Type-C interface; plus 18 months of quality assurance, these configurations add up to a thousand yuan price, which undoubtedly makes Red Rice Note 7 a high-cost 1000 yuan machine. The most unexpected is the camera, 48 million pixels. That's blood.

Although there are still some differences in experience with higher-priced models, it can not be denied that it is still a highly competitive product in the market. We don't know if Red Rice can use Note 7 to set off a trend, but we can be sure that Red Rice Note 7 is not an option if you want to buy a mobile phone for the elderly, or a cheap mobile phone that can enjoy the mid-range experience.

Plus another word, Baishan filial piety is the first, filial piety should be early!