Auto-renewal routine deep recharge membership may be worse than you think

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Auto-renewal routine deep recharge membership may be worse than you think

2019-02-09 09:17:09 321 ℃

Last month, due to the need to download some more positive files on Baidu's disks, forced by the tortoise-like download speed (because poverty is limited), I joined Baidu's members with a meal of money. However, the most painful thing happened. At the same time this month, it was automatically renewed.

The merchant's "kindness" renewal for you automatically

After this incident, I suddenly found that my intelligence quotient was insulted. I remember that when I wisely chose to exchange one month's money, how could it give me an automatic renewal fee? So I clicked on the recharge membership area of Baidu Disk again.

Baidu Disk Continuous Packing Monthly Price

In Baidu Disk Super Membership Page, there are three choices, "Continuous Packing Year", "Continuous Quarter", "Continuous Packing Month". Obviously, my choice at that time must be a continuous package, and the merchants were very "intimate" to help me hook up the automatic renewal function. The interesting thing is that if you delimit the "automatic renewal" ticket manually, the monthly price will be 30 yuan.

automatic renewal routine is more than you think

I am not a heavy user of video software, so I seldom have full membership in major APPs (that is to say, poor). And when I visited the survey found that automatic renewal can be far more than Baidu Networks.

Youku& Aiqiyi& Weibo all contain the option of automatic renewal

All the mainstream apps currently used in China have the option of automatic renewal (or automatic package month). Video websites such as Youku and Aiqiyi will put automatic monthly package in the most prominent position. And the most difficult place to see is in the back.

and the membership price of universal automatic renewal is cheaper than that of single-month purchase. Take Youku for example. For the first time, new users only need 9.9 yuan for a month in a row, but 20 yuan for a month in a single package. I'm afraid many people will choose the former at twice the price. These bargains, however, seem to take advantage of, but they will be hard to cancel when you cancel them.

Want to cancel the automatic renewal? It's not that easy!

As the saying goes, buying never sells well. Do you think the merchant didn't think you would recharge it with a cheap automatic renewal price first, and then cancel the trick? Ha-ha~nonexistent, businesses will set obstacles in it, for fear that you will find it easily.

Alipay cancels the automatic renewal procedure.

, let's first take a look at how the automatic renewal of Alipay payment will be cancelled. First of all, you have to open Alipay - My Settings - payment settings - no secret payment / automatic debit - select APP and then unbind.

If you renew your fee automatically through Wechat payment, you need to go into Wechat Wallet (version 7.0 for payment) to find the settings in the upper right corner - automatic deduction, and find the corresponding APP in unbinding.

WeChat pay to cancel automatic renewal steps

see here is not feel very pit, obviously I bought in APP member, cancel automatic renewal even ran to Alipay or WeChat. It is precisely because of this tedious process, leading many people to dislike the trouble goods without knowing the circumstances of the white recharge of members.

Such renewal is unavoidable

Some people may say that I am affected, because automatic renewal is much cheaper than a single month. That's true, but if the merchant tells the user that it can mark the automatic renewal and cancel the automatic renewal in a striking position, I think it's still possible.

However, the problem is that it's too ugly for businessmen to make money in such a concealed way, with little words or by adding steps to cancel the automatic renewal.

is written in the last

Nowadays, with the enhancement of Chinese people's awareness of authenticity, it is justifiable to pay for high-quality content. However, looking at the mainstream application ecosphere in China, due to various forms of monopoly, many APPs are under the banner of free, but they have to charge anywhere. Even if you don't recharge, enjoy watching a one-minute video for 45 seconds.

But I always believe that all physical existence has its rationality, but in the face of hundreds of millions of users in China, I still hope that manufacturers think more about users, not just about how to routine users.

Finally, I want to say that as a scientist and an ordinary user, the reason why we choose you is not how good you are, but that we did not choose.