The timetable of 13 5G mobile phones is announced to tell you which one is the best one to wait for.

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The timetable of 13 5G mobile phones is announced to tell you which one is the best one to wait for.

2019-02-09 09:17:09 386 ℃

Recently, a media release schedule for 5G mobile phones has been announced. From early 2019 to 2020, the top 10 mobile phone manufacturers will receive intensive release of 5G products. Although 2020 is the starting point for 5G commerce, major terminal manufacturers are ready to rush. More than a dozen 5G mobile phones except the iPhone were released in 2019. There is no doubt that it is necessary to change 5G mobile phones this year. Which one should we change? Let's help you sort it out.

Pictures are taken from DGTIMES

Samsung Galaxy S10 | Publishing Time: February 21

Samsung has announced the release date of Galy S10 earlier. In addition to the well-known perforation screen design, Samsung will also be equipped with Avalon 855 Mobile Platform and Samsung Exynaxy 9820 Processor, respectively, and both of these two processors are Exynos. Samsung Galaxy S10 has the ability to carry 5G functions, so it is true that Samsung Galaxy S10 launched 5G version.

Samsung Galaxy S10 (picture quoted from microblog)

in which Miaolong 855 cooperates with external X50 modem, coupled with Qualcomm antenna and radio frequency module, the 5G version of Sanxing S10 landed easily. In addition to using Qualcomm's 5G solution, Samsung has already started to develop its own 5G platform. In August 2018, Samsung released its 5G baseband Exynos Modem 5100. After integrating RF IC and power management IC, Samsung Exynos Modem 5100 can be delivered as a chipset to terminal manufacturers, saving terminal manufacturers'development time. Samsung S10 with Samsung Exynos 9820 processor also has the ability to plug in 5G baseband, so it is no surprise that Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched in the form of two 5G schemes to meet the needs of 5G in different regions.

Huawei P30 |
Huawei Folding Mobile Phone on February 24
Huawei Folding Mobile Phone
Glory V20 5G Edition < early 2019

Every year, MWC is the publishing convention of Huawei P Series. This time, the reception of P30 not only has four rear shots, but also is expected to be the first batch of 5G mobile phones in Huawei. Prior to MWC2019, Huawei held a 5G communication conference in China. It took the lead in ringing the 5G commercial chapters, ranging from 5G base stations to 5G terminals, and carried out field verification on a global scale. Kirin 980 + Balon 5000 forms the 5G terminal initiative.

Huawei P30 Pro

and Huawei P30 also released Huawei's 5G folding mobile phone. On the afternoon of February 1, Yu Chengdong, president of Huawei's consumer business, announced an invitation letter for Huawei's 5G folding screen mobile phone, which showed that the machine would be released in Barcelona at 14:00 local time on February 24, and will appear as Huawei's first 5G mobile phone and folding device.

Huawei Folding Mobile Phone

Meanwhile, the newly released Glory V20 will also release its own 5G version. Unsurprisingly, the V20 5G version will adopt the same scheme as Huawei P30 to proofread 5G on the flagship product behind Glory itself.

1+7/OPPO R series/millet MIX 3

as a member of the 5G terminal of the Yuelong system, the relationship between 1+and OPPO and Qualcomm is very close, especially when Liu Zuohufen stepped on the platform of 5G platform frequently, it seems that Qualcomm also intends to support 1+1 as a representative brand of 5G navigation.

Last October Liu Zuohu issued the first Twitter in 5G network environment. At Qualcomm's Miaolong Technology Summit in December, Liu Zuohu also said that he would take the lead in releasing one and the first 5G commercial mobile phone in the European market, and possibly launch a new series of product lines for 5G network solution alone, which means that besides one and seven, there will be a separate product for 5G. Double flagship road, bigger and stronger.

one plus 7

and the layout of OPPO in 5G is very early. Last August, OPPO took the lead in realizing the connection of signaling and data links, and became the highest brand of domestic mobile phone manufacturers to achieve this achievement. Xiaomi announced early that the 5G version of millet MIX3 will be launched. Whether it is millet, OPPO or Canada, it will use Qualcomm's platform scheme of "I Jiulong 855 + X50 baseband plug-in" to achieve 5G connection. The 5G mobile phone of the Qiulong system has mature chip and baseband support, and will also become the first 5G model to meet with us.

LG V50 ThinQ | MWC2019
Sony Xperia | 2019

Japan and South Korea Department except Samsung, LG and Sony in the mobile phone field has been in a slump, but after all, the rich and generous sides did not let go of the mobile phone business, but stubbornly launched flagship products every year. And LG is in the 5G area to let go, launched the first 5G mobile phone V50 ThinQ. In terms of configuration, LG V50 ThinQ uses a 6-inch display screen and carries the flagship platform of Qualcomm Dragon 855. In addition, LG V50 ThinQ will also be equipped with 4000 mAh batteries.

LG V50 ThinQ

Sony will also release its 5G mobile phone in 2019, but from the current information on the network, Sony 5G is far away and has no real hammer. Sony's mobile phone business is already in a shaky state, and most of the 5G phones will follow suit this time.

Google Pixel 4 | October 2019
HTC U13 | At the end of 2019

Google Pixel series is the quintessential mobile phone product of "no money, just make friends". In recent years, many loyal fans have been saved by product strength. Pixel 4 is bound to follow up 5G at the pace it was released in October, but Google Pixel has not heard much about it and most users are not concerned about it, and the progress of 5G is still unknown.

And about HTC, it was rumored that HTC U13 would be the last flagship, but there was news that HTC would respond to the rumors. Although HTC did not specify when to launch HTC U13, they did say that they would focus on 5G network technology. The company says it will build smartphones that will adopt new communications technologies and will focus on artificial intelligence, block chains and other technologies in the future. This means that the 5G version of HTC U13 will also be released, I do not know whether it will be able to trigger waves.


and Apple is obviously unwilling to follow the trend of 5G in 2019. On the one hand, 5G network is immature, on the other hand, Apple does not have strong 5G partners to support it. Unfortunately, 5G is not desirable, so users who are prepared to consider buying an iPhone need not wait this year.

combed so many 5G mobile phones, we can see that some brands want to use 5G to change the current market environment. Some brands only use 5G as a pre-commercial product to occupy the pit, while the last part of the brand is completely in a follow-up state, not thinking of relying on 5G to bring goods. Whether 2019 is still the pseudo-first year of 5G is still unclear. We still need to be cautious and wait and see.