Alipay global Koi comes: the prize is so rich that we can quit.

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Alipay global Koi comes: the prize is so rich that we can quit.

2019-02-09 09:17:12 461 ℃

New Year's second year, 2018, Alipay China Koi "letter small stay" because the resignation began to award the prize was pushed again on hot search, in an interview with the media, she said that after the year did not intend to find a new job, after another year will continue to travel to continue to award. "When to cash it has not been decided yet".

at the same time, Alipay once again announced the launch of the koi event, Alipay global Koi, which is no less than the last koi carp.

this activity platform moved from micro-blog to jitter, from February 6th to February 12th, opened the quiver, searched "Alipay" official tremor or Alipay global Koi, and praised the top. There is a chance to become the "world brocade carp".

This award is offered by global partners. Alipay global Koi will be officially awarded on Valentine's day on February 14. Alipay global Koi can get a package of global tours, including air tickets, cruise ships, local attractions tickets, free hotel accommodation, restaurants, free tickets and so on.

, in addition, if you can't wait for the 12 prize, you can still shoot Alipay with the "koi carp" sticker, with the topic of Alipay global Koi, starting from tomorrow to 12, and every day, 8 points of the day's Alipay account.