How did Baidu break the good card of Spring Festival Gala?

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How did Baidu break the good card of Spring Festival Gala?

2019-02-09 09:17:12 339 ℃

I never expected that Baidu would become the first company in history to hold the traffic of Spring Festival Evening Evening after the Spring Festival Gala. However, even though the technology is too strong, Baidu has more abuse than other Internet companies during the Spring Festival.

How on earth did Baidu break up this good brand?

Luo Zhenyu once said a sentence in his New Year's speech:

"Internet companies want to go to CCTV Spring Festival Gala, there is a small threshold, the daily life of Internet products will be 100 million, otherwise, the moment the advertisement comes out, your server will collapse."

Spring Festival Evening Traffic is terrible, which has been verified in previous years. On

2015 New Year's Eve, WeChat had been on the downtime for a short time. On 2016, new year's Eve, Alipay could not avoid downtime. By 2018, Taobao was prepared ahead of schedule, expanding 3 times on the basis of double 11 and full of confidence. < p > < p > The result shows that the peak value of the actual traffic was 15 times higher than that of Taobao Shuangxi, and finally Hittie went down.

Since AT is out of order, B has to say something to get together the three brothers. Unfortunately, Baidu is the first company in history to carry the traffic of Spring Festival Evening Gala. It's easy and effortless. On the contrary, the major mobile application markets, including App Store, Millet and Huawei, are not so lucky and are crowded by users.


Baidu's hard-handed technology is available, but this Spring Festival activity... is really hard to say.

First, it imitates "Jiwufu" to carry out the card collection activities, which is justifiable, but disgusting is that it always tries every means to induce users to download messy software, or to harass friends, forced pop-up activity pages, which is particularly bad in experience.

What is more puzzling is that less than 7,000 people gathered all the cards from the 28th to 8am on the 31st day, and then in an hour, the number soared by 50,000, breaking 100,000 on the same day, and reaching millions on New Year's Eve, the speed was stunning.

In addition, there are many users who have clearly not violated the rules and have gathered all the cards, because all kinds of inexplicable reasons have been blocked, such as system upgrade, software reinstallation and so on. Now go to the microblog topic #Baidu Collection Card Seal #below, you can see many mournful corpses. At this point, Baidu's credibility has been severely tested. On the other hand, Baidu should really learn the naming ability of "Jiwufu". Others don't have "dedication to work" and ask for it everywhere. But Baidu just designs the three words "good luck year" as rare cards, so everyone can only say to the outside: "I'm not lucky, do you have any?" Think about it all in response to the New Year's Eve

< p>.

Of course, it's only appetizer. It's not until New Year's Eve that contradictions really break out.

is a red envelope shaken by Baidu APP. If the amount is as small as a few cents, Baidu wallet should be opened (Duxiaoman) before cash can be withdrawn. If the red envelope exceeds one yuan, it needs to download the whole family bucket under Baidu's flag to get it. Before

the card collecting stage, users were tired of this kind of crazy bombardment, and now even red envelopes have to hide needles, picking and stingy, as if playing monkeys in the New Year, but this year is not the Year of the Monkey, right?

Speaking of monkeys, we should be angry to blossom twice. The key point of

is that the red envelope will not be withdrawn until 24 hours later, and even the deadline is given. If you don't get it before February 12, it will be out of date... The routine is so deep that you're a bad old man.

When I saw the combination of "Spring Festival Gala+Baidu Red Pack", I knew that the money was definitely not so easy to get and gave up decisively, but I was very confused. Is the cost of getting customers in Baidu's whole family barrels barrels now as low as 1 yuan for a user?

Sino-US co-production movies dare not be edited like this (

just two or three yuan, also need to be audited for so long

and turn over the topic of Baidu Spring Festival Evening on Weibo again, the general feeling of everyone is that they are busy, shaking their mobile phones for a whole day, verifying that their efforts are not worth a lot of money. This is the case.

There are still some fierce words I will not let out, gentle point is that "the first foolish thing in the Year of Pigs is to download Baidu app", "is not an illusion, feel Baidu is to send me as a beggar", self-experience it.

Obviously, Baidu is too greedy and wants everything. It wants to use 900 million cash to pursue maximum exposure, and also want to feed its parents and sons back, so as to get wet and wet. As a result, it can't do anything well in the end. < p > < p > < strong > Children want everything, adults have to learn to choose. Why don't many home-made software rethink that users don't want to use their products, not because the promotion is not strong, but because the core experience is too bad, or even they don't take users seriously. What's the use of optimization algorithms even if you do so many tricks, collect big data, simulate portraits?

To tell the truth, Weixin and Alipay can win-win through the traffic of Spring Festival Gala, but Baidu painstakingly lets users bind that wallet, and then, what do you want to do?

Several APPs that you vigorously promoted in the Spring Festival Gala, none of them formed a closed-loop payment channel with red envelopes, nor any "scenario" that could be consumed, except a Baidu glutinous rice that Grandma did not love uncle...

Baidu, of course, is anxious. Everyone can see that Baidu has been guarding the dilapidated expressway as a toll collector, and now others. Vehicles would rather take a detour than come in, or even arrive at the destination in a more convenient way. How can we rectify it?

Before Baidu has no culture, after Baidu has died, two articles published no more than two years, but the total market share of search engines dropped from 30% to less than 20% in three years, which is more exciting than roller coaster.

Nowadays, people go online to shop, chat, order takeaway and take a taxi. They all have the most convenient software. Only when they want to search for what diseases they have and which hospitals are close to them can they use Baidu with trepidation.

Think of it a little sour, Baidu really has this role left?

Baidu Beiding Internet, home sacrifices without forgetting is Ong?


Nowadays, the Spring Festival Gala is still quiet after the excitement. In addition to announcing more than 20 billion APP interactions, Baidu has selectively concealed other data, which is good, a peaceful place. At present, Baidu does not have such a large stomach to withstand the flow of Spring Festival Evening. If you want to talk about sword in Huashan, you should practice more internal skills. <<<




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