Pig mate exposure series: HUAWEI P30 series with layout leakage

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Pig mate exposure series: HUAWEI P30 series with layout leakage

2019-02-09 09:17:16 318 ℃

Understand the mobile phone news, our Lunar New Year Pig Year is still busy, and the annual MWC*2019 World Mobile Communications Conference (February 25-28) will also be opened in Barcelona, Spain. At that time, manufacturers from all walks of life will also make great efforts to officially open the technological boom of 2019. It is reported that Huawei HUAWEI may launch the latest models of its P series: P30 and P30 Pro. Previous information about P30 series mobile phones has been exposed on the Internet, but still can not bear the loneliness of mobile phone shell accessories manufacturers. This genuine pig mate always does not expose all kinds of highly concerned mobile phone sets in advance. No, HUAWEI P30 series is also exposed in advance.

recently revealed pictures of HUAWEI P30 / P30 Pro from the pictures revealed by the mobile phone accessories manufacturer Spigen, including the details are very clear, it can be said that this pig mate is doing very well.

It can be seen from the exposed pictures that Huawei P30/P30 Pro both models adopt water drop full screen design, without using Liu Haiping screen or punching screen design, and the front is a single camera design. In addition, there is no fingerprint sensor on the front or back of the fuselage on the rendering map. It is expected that Huawei P30 series will use screen fingerprint scanning. At present, the biggest difference between Huawei P30 and P30 Pro is that in the design of rear cameras, Huawei P30 adopts the scheme of vertical rear three cameras + flash, while P30 Pro uses vertical rear four cameras, and the flash has been moved to one side of the camera array to form two rows. On the front, the two models have the same narrowness around the screen, and the chin remains, but it's already very narrow. Also, from the opening of the mobile phone case, it can be seen that Huawei P30 still retains the headphone jack, but the P30 Pro seems to cancel the headphone jack.

At present, there is not much information about the configuration of Huawei's P30/P30 Pro model. Besides the number of cameras and Kirin 980 processor, there are not many news about screen, memory, battery capacity and so on. It is expected that more news about Huawei's P30 series will come in the near future. Interested players can pay attention to it.

Huawei will announce its blockbuster at this MWC 2019, that is, foldable 5G mobile phone. Invitation letters have been published before, and 2019 will also be the blossoming situation of foldable mobile phone and straightboard mobile phone. Are playmates excited?