Apple suddenly announced that Huawei Millet might be in a hurry!

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Apple suddenly announced that Huawei Millet might be in a hurry!

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Broken wrist of a strong man, wielding a knife from his palace!

This may be a strategic adjustment for Apple!
< p > < p > unexpected! Just now, Apple suddenly announced that Angela Arenz, Apple's vice president and number two, would leave in April.

Yes, you're right. Angela Arenz "quit"!

People who pay attention to Apple are no strangers to Angela Arenz. The sisters are not ordinary roles:

She was once CEO of Burberry and was described as a "female devil" from the fashion world;

She was the CEO of Apple Cook who made great efforts to dig from the luxury brand Burberry, and was also the highest paid employee of Apple, eight times as much as Cook. < p > < p > She was Apple's No. 2 figure and was once regarded as CEO successor. It was after she joined Apple that the iPhone became a luxury item.

However, with a news of Apple's departure, all of this vanished in a flash. It used to be called Xiao Tiantian, but now it's Madame Niu. Cook, who was thirsty for virtue, really changed his mind.

and Angela Arenz's departure came after the news that Apple's mobile phone was going to cut its price : Cook publicly promised that the company would lower the price of the iPhone in some overseas markets, because the prices in some countries were really too high. The market does not believe in tears, even if they are as strong as apples, they can only adapt and not violate them. Under the pressure of the market, Apple is making a major adjustment in personnel and sales.


"The Sixth Army will die before turning to the horse." If we say that the removal of Yang Guifei can not be said to be the desperate feelings of Tang Xuanzong; if we remove Angela Arenz, it is no wonder that Cook desperately. After all, over the past six months, Apple's revenue and stock prices have been falling and falling again, and they have been in a dilemma. No more big moves, Cook can't stand it, and Apple can't stand it. Do you remember

? Earlier this January, Apple gloomily announced that its revenue for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019 is expected to be $84 billion, which is more than 7% lower than its previous forecast.

p>The flying current goes down three thousand feet! After the announcement, Apple's share price plunged sharply, plunging more than 8% to $145.

That is to say, in just over two months, Apple's share price has plunged by 37%, nearly halved, and the market value of nearly 3 trillion yuan has evaporated! What is the concept of

3 trillion yuan market value? Let's put it this way, it's equivalent to 1 Tencent, 1.3 Ali, 6 Baidu, 13 Jingdong, and even 15 Deutsche Bank. Say no! Behind Apple's plummeting share price, the most profound reason is that investors'expectations of Apple's future development are shaking.

What worries investors most is that Apple is becoming mediocre and losing its original intention of "changing the world": from a high-tech company to a consumer goods company, but also a luxury company!

and Angela Arenz, who was the initiator and strong promoter of this luxury strategy, was excavated from Burberry.

Price increase! Price rise!! Still raise the price!!! We have not wronged Angela Arenz. For a long time, Apple's luxury strategy has overcome its innovation strategy:

Look at the products. Since the iPhone 4S, there has been no outstanding innovation in several generations of Apple products. The biggest bright spot is the price with the product iteration upgrade. For this reason, former Apple CEO Scarlett is angry that current CEO Cook has lost Jobs'innovative spirit.

Look at the industry classification of Dow Jones. Now Apple belongs to the "consumer goods" sector and has become a consumer economy company. Buffett also asserts that Apple has essentially become a consumer product.

However, the strategy of Apple luxury promoted by Angela Arenz has not been successful, and the market has not paid for the luxury of Apple brand. With the strong competition from Huawei, Millet and other mobile phones, the latest model of Apple's iPhone has not been produced well, and its sales are far below expectations. More troubling is that Apple's current business model is a self-reinforcing game. Apple's iPhone sales are good, Apple stores download more apps, and Apple improves its achievements; once Apple's iPhone sales decline, Apple stores download apps will inevitably decrease accordingly, and Apple's achievements in the apple Bush will decline dramatically.

That is to say, once the sales of apples fall, the overall revenue of apples will be like that of castrated pigs cutting their ears-suffering both ends, and the multiplier effect will decline.

< p> Wind-whispered cranes, blood flowing into rivers! This time, how a tragic word! Apple's luxury road shows that it has come to a dead end.



Apple left the road of luxury goods and opened Angela Arenz. The market gave unanimous praise for this.

It is reported that from Jan. 11 (the date when Apple began to reduce prices) to Jan. 30, Suning Electric's sales of Apple's iPhone increased by 83%. At the same time, Apple's share price has also witnessed a sharp rebound. Since January 11, Apple's share price has risen by 22.5% from $142 for Zuidi to $174 for February 5. When

wrote this, you can't help but sigh:

The world is so strange. When Apple quietly turned to the less great and began to chase profits crazily, the stock price of Apple was at the end of the day. Now, when Apple abandons its goal of maximizing profits, its share price is staggering upwards. Maturity often leads to decay. Roughness may be more powerful, as is the dialectics of history. If Apple wants to grow in the long run, it must let go of its desire to make quick money and easy money, and not take the luxury road of luxury goods. Otherwise, waiting for Apple will be a no-return road.

Goodbye, Angela Arenz! Can the apple after painful experience usher in new life? Let's wait and see!


Tonight, Huawei, vivo, millet mobile phones will be sleepless, and they will face a wolf-like rival again.

You should know that the apple after the price reduction and the apple after the luxury removal will surely re-enter the battlefield of China and compete for the market share it has gained and lost.
At the same time, Cook is trying to change. Some time ago, the news came: Apple is quietly building cars, and this car building plan is speeding up! This may be the most important opportunity for Cook to lead Apple to a turnaround.

means that Huawei millets may start a hard march. Suddenly, Apple changed the track: I didn't play with you on the previous routes, which would bring great uncertainty!
Indeed, uncertainty is the norm of the corporate environment in this era. With several iterations of technology and new product renewal, any enterprise in today's world is facing a crisis-ridden world, no one can live forever, no one is not a step away from death.

Especially for Chinese entrepreneurs, if they want to survive in this era, they must always maintain the awareness of suffering and death, must always tremble and tread on thin ice, and must spare no effort to bring out subversive innovations, whether in technology or business model.

"Only those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world can really change the world." Jobs'astonishing remark should not only be Apple's motto, but also be the motto of all high-tech companies!

The next step is happiness, the second step is dusk, and the key point is whether to go wrong or to go right, depending on the strategic thinking and grasp of Chinese entrepreneurs. < p > < p > < strong > wish Chinese entrepreneurs!

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