Lei Jun finally figured it out.

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Lei Jun finally figured it out.

2019-02-18 18:31:38 236 ℃

millet has entered a new era.

Today's two events mark a farewell to millet from the past: one is farewell to cost performance, the other is farewell to flat management. It took Lei Jun eight years to figure it out. At the end of 2015, Sun Changxu, who was still a media person, talked with Lei Jun for six hours at night. She strongly recommended selling the millet flagship aircraft to 4000 yuan so that the face-loving and vanity-loving users could have a high-end millet mobile phone to use, but Lei Junyan refused. Lei Jun said stubbornly: "My strategy is to close the cost price to sell mobile phones, this original intention will never change." Sun Changxu failed to persuade Lei Jun. Two years later, in September 2017, she was persuaded by Lei Jun to join millet. The price of millet's flagship mobile phone in 1999 has been maintained for several generations from the first generation. At that time, it was "born for fever" and thus created millet's brilliant five years. The millet model became the golden oil of the Internet at that time. Everyone was studying it. Many start-ups began to "use it in the east".

later this mode failed. In this period, Huawei, OPPO and vivo rose and quickly squeezed millet into other.

At that time, the millet was very anxious. Lei Jun announced that he would no longer announce sales without KPI. Everything would be happy. But at this time, Lei Jun still refused to give up the "cost-effective" line.

It was a few years later. Now, Lei Jun finally wants to understand. As for what he wants to understand, or what others want to understand for him, he doesn't know. Lei Jun, the image spokesperson of Xiaomi 9 in these two days, is active as a marketing number on Weibo.

At 2 p.m. this afternoon, he said on his micro-blog: " millet flagship aircraft, we must get rid of the constraints of cost-performance ratio and concentrate on making the best products, so as to live up to the expectations of millet noodles!"

"millet 9 is definitely much more expensive than millet 8, I hope you can understand it!" So far, millet officially farewell to the cost-effective era.

"This time in order to do millet 9 well, we will spare no expense. For example, millet 9 3 photographs, piled up too much material, all 6P lens, all closed-loop motor. Also, all versions of millet 9 use the fifth generation screen fingerprints, and so on. To appease rice noodles, Lei Jun said, "The manufacturing and R&D costs of millet 9 are absolutely inexpensive, and we can't expect to sell it at a very low price." Not only that, but Lei Jun also posted a few comments below calling for the price increase of millet mobile phones to prove that the high price of millet mobile phones is the "aspiration of the people".

From the first thing in millet's new year, we can see that millet wants to learn from Huawei's dual-brand strategy, and millet's careful intention to cut the "millet series" mobile phone and the cost-performance ratio is very obvious.

Although selling expensive does not mean high-end product positioning, in the long-standing concept of "one penny, one purchase", consumers are almost high-end, and they are very willing to pay for it as long as they have better technology, stronger performance and better experience. Huawei P series and Mate series have proved this point.

So Lei Jun does not have to twist and twist at all, just accept generously that the price is up, and then increase the investment in scientific research is a serious matter, all talk with products. Another thing about farewell flattening

is the exclusive report of Zhang Jun, a journalist of Finance and Economics magazine today:

Millet's internal titles are generally divided into Commissioner-Manager-Director and Vice President and above, has 10 levels, ranging from 13 to 22. Commissioner level is about 13, manager level is about 16 to 17, director level is about 19 to 20, vice president level is 22. < strong > Lei Jun is not in this rank system, so there is no rank.

This means that millet farewell to the flattened management that once boasted.

In the past, millet had only three levels: co-founder-department head-staff, and pursued the policy of no punching and no KPI. According to an employee quoted by Caijing magazine, millet has to punch in at work at present, especially during the Spring Festival. The department also has KPI. A millet employee who asked for anonymity also confirmed to Hu Wen that all of the above are still in the process of progress and have not been fully implemented. Lei Jun has not issued a full-staff email to explain the hierarchical management. It should wait until all of them have been completed before "official declaration".

According to the content reported in the Journal of Finance and Economics, the hierarchical division should be promoted from top to bottom. For example, a millet executive interviewed has confirmed that he is a 20-level manager, and the above-mentioned millet grass-roots employees do not know how many levels he is. Since its listing last year,

in fact, millet's many adjustments to management can be seen as part of the strategic transformation to collectivization -

First, Lei Jun issued an open letter on September 13 announcing the biggest structural adjustment of millet since its establishment in eight years, setting up an organizational department and a staff department, led by Liu De and Wang Chuan, respectively. On December 13, Lei Jun once again announced the establishment of China by internal mail, with Wang Chuan, senior vice president of the Group, concurrently serving as president of China. In the article "This may be the most correct decision of Lei Jun" on December 13, 2018, Hu Wen concluded that the group strategy and internationalization of millet have entered a new stage. "

and then the hierarchical division. At this point, it reminds me that the hierarchical division of millet < strong > is almost the same as that of Huawei. According to public reports, Huawei's well-known hierarchy is also from 13 to 22, and above 22 has not been reported. However, Huawei is more subdivided, each level is also divided into three ABC levels, for example, 19 levels are also divided into 19A, 19B, 19C, and then from 19C to 19A rise one by one. It's not surprising that Lei Jun has said on many occasions that he often learns Ren Zhengfei's speeches. At the Red Rice Brand Independent Press Conference, he also said in an interview with the media: "I was a big fan of Huawei before running millet, and I will back many speeches from Zhengfei." It is obvious that Lei Jun is also learning from Ren Zhengfei in company management and strategic transformation.

In a word, whether giving up cost-effectiveness or flattening means that millet has entered a new stage of development for a large company with about 20,000 employees, which has been established for 9 years.

At this time millet most needed, borrow a sentence from Lei Jun: "Life and death are indifferent, do it if you refuse to accept it."