NASA announces that four astronauts will return to the moon in 2028

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NASA announces that four astronauts will return to the moon in 2028

2019-02-18 18:31:59 309 ℃

Beijing Science and Technology Daily, Feb. 17 (Internship reporter Hu Dingkun) Recently, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) issued an official announcement calling on private enterprises to participate in the research and development of manned lunar landing technology. In addition, NASA has released a grand road map for its return to the moon in 2028 with the assistance of private enterprises.

According to the BAA issued by NASA, private enterprises are required to put forward the design concepts of landing module, space refueling system and transporting spacecraft of lunar landing system before March 25, 2019, for a period of more than one month. In May, NASA will select several of the participating companies to enter the six-month preliminary research and development phase, each of which will receive up to $9 million in funding. Based on the progress made in this phase, NASA will select at least two companies to enter the mission demonstration phase and start physical construction tests, with selected companies receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. Depending on the size of the company, these companies will be required to bear at least 10% to 20% of the development costs.

NASA said that the inspiration for the project came from the Commercial Rail Transit Service (COTS). Over the years, the project has also supported the development of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft and ATK's Cygnus spacecraft, both of which are used to deliver supplies to the International Space Station. NASA pays for each service.

Recently, NASA Director Jim Bridenstine announced at the media Roundtable that NASA plans to conduct its first demonstration mission in 2024, including landing module landing on the moon from the Moon Orbiting Space Station (GateWay); in 2026, the second demonstration mission will be carried out. The lander will be composed of landing module and ascending module, and the transshipment spacecraft will first transport the lander to 100 kilometers above the moon. On the lunar orbit, the lander landed to carry out the exploration mission. After the mission, it was powered by the ascending module and returned to GateWay. In 2028, four astronauts will "return to the moon" in accordance with the above technical plan and stay on the moon for seven days.

Bridenstine said that we will not only leave flags and footprints on this moon landing, then go home, not go back for 50 years, but stay there. We will build a sustainable and reusable lunar system. The system includes support for human housing, work, and fuel production facilities. We will eliminate risks, improve technology and bring as many of these technologies as possible to Mars.

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