Why not buy a 5G mobile phone in 2019? Let's talk together.

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Why not buy a 5G mobile phone in 2019? Let's talk together.

2019-02-18 18:31:57 88 ℃

In the mobile phone market in 2019, 5G is an indispensable topic. The arrival of 5G will make a tremendous change in our lives, and in all aspects, not only in the single market of mobile phones.

Many people's impression of 5G should be that it will greatly increase the network speed. Indeed, we use the network speed from 2G to 3G and then to 4G until the current 5G. Every update iteration has a significant increase in the network speed.

and from 4G to 5G is different from the previous 3G to 4G. The previous 4G network was upgraded from the original 3G base station, although there are new ones, but the number is small. Unlike 4G, 5G base stations need to be rebuilt. The future impact will not only be the increase of network speed, but also the connection of all things and the realization of the real Internet of Things. At the same time, all aspects of the change will be made. The download rate of 5G on network speed will create 10Gbps, far exceeding 100Mbps of 4G. It is only a matter of seconds to download a high-definition movie.

In the field of mobile phones, the most important problem that many people are facing this year may be: Should we buy 5G mobile phones this year? And if you browse some recent mobile phone industry news, the overwhelming publicity of mobile phone manufacturers will give you the illusion that 5G has arrived.

But before we pay for it, we need to think calmly. Do I really need a 5G mobile phone in 2019? The author disapproves.

First of all, the high price of mobile phones

is often the most important consideration when we buy a product (with the exception of Tuhao). When is the most expensive product, it is usually new.

5G as a large update iteration, requires heavy investment, especially in the initial stage of technology, the research and development of various technologies need to invest a lot of human and material resources, so mobile phone manufacturers must pay a high patent fee when using, naturally, the price of 5G mobile phones is certainly not low, on the one hand, it is a new thing, on the other hand, it is rare and expensive.

In general, the original 5G mobile phone will be the high-end flagship products of all brands, and the price will also be 5000+price. Therefore, the price of 5G mobile phone in 2019 will be very high, which is a great challenge to wallet. Technology is not mature enough

< p> Mobile phone is a highly sophisticated product, and the change brought by 5G for mobile phone is not only a simple problem of changing a network module, from baseband to radio frequency to antenna and operator network, it needs to be upgraded in an all-round way, but at present, many technologies are still immature.

Although since last year, many mobile phone manufacturers have exposed their own mobile phones to connect to 5G network for microblogging, network video, phone calls and so on. These mobile phones are usually equipped with Lulong 845, and then through the issue of mounting an external baseband to achieve, so before the millet MIX3, through the way of mounting an external X505GNR baseband to achieve 5G connection. At present, Qualcomm has not introduced a mobile phone integrated with 5G communication baseband. Even the latest 555, which will be carried by the flagship mobile phone this year, does not integrate 5G baseband. Instead, it integrates the X24 baseband and is manufactured by 7Nm technology. To achieve 5G connection, it is still necessary to use the external plug-in form to support 5G network with the X50 5G baseband.

3. The supporting facilities haven't kept up with the statement in the first article of

that 5G mobile phones will be very expensive this year. This is only one aspect. Even if you don't use them, it's the most important and the most distressing thing.

If you want to use 5G network, the base station must be inseparable. As mentioned earlier, compared with the 4G base station upgraded on the basis of 3G base station, 5G base station needs to be rebuilt, which requires a lot of capital, personnel and material resources, and also requires a lot of time. Before

, the three major operators spent at least 800 billion yuan on the construction of 4G network, so 5G is only a lot more, at least in the scale of more than trillion yuan. If all the base stations are completed, at least it will have to wait until next year, and to say the least, even if the base stations are completed, other supporting facilities will not necessarily be better.

So what's the use of holding a cell phone without even a signal? Flow charges are too expensive

Looking back on the previous use of 3G and 4G mobile phones to access the Internet, we will always stare at the flow charges, not to mention the use of traffic to watch videos, pictures are cautious, even there is a saying that the next night traffic to watch videos, the house is the operator, you can imagine how expensive the flow charges will be.

Later, with the reduction of costs, traffic charges also went down. Until now, you can safely watch videos with traffic and even have a set meal of 1 yuan and 1 G, which is so cheap that you have no friends. Moreover, Internet companies and joint operators have launched various phone cards, which can be free of traffic, basically no longer need to worry about mobile phone traffic charges.

And the situation may be different in the 5G era. We may return to the days when we used to be careful to tie our belts and use the flow rate.

5G has more broadband, faster transmission speed, lower communication delay and other characteristics. Because of high investment, time, money, manpower, material resources, etc., the initial cost will remain high, so the flow will inevitably be low, and because of the super-high speed of 5G, flow consumption will certainly be very fast, so money may be in your unresponsive time. You've already slipped away.

5. The current 4G network is fully adequate

corresponding to the previous one. The 5G tariff will be very expensive, so why not use the 4G network again, and the current 4G network is fully adequate. Whether it is watching video, downloading things, playing games or brushing microblogs, it can fully meet our needs. The most important thing is that it is cheap.

So, instead of worrying about traffic charges at that time, we should be confident and bold to use the 4G network, even if it is overused, there is no need to worry too much, not to mention that many people still have a lot of surplus every month. The popularization of

6.5G takes a certain time

It takes a certain time for any technology to popularize. From 2G to 3G, from 3G to 4G, the time interval between each generation of technology is shorter and shorter, the speed of update iteration is faster and faster, and the time of existence is shorter and shorter.

Regardless of the generation, there is a process from trial commercial to commercial. For example, the 3G standard was issued for trial commercial use in 2008, and it was not really popularized in the whole country until 2012. It took 4 years for the 4G standard to be fully covered from the end of 2013 to 2015, and it took more than two years and nearly three years to become the mainstream.

So it can be inferred that 5G from trial commercial to full commercial should be within two years. Since this year, 5G has been tested for commercial use. At present, the three major operators have disclosed their pilot work plans in the national cities. China Mobile will carry out 5G pilot projects in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou and Wuhan. China Unicom will carry out 5G pilot projects in 16 cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Guiyang and Chengdu, while China Telecom will be in Xiongxiong. Ann, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou and Chengdu.

Lei Jun said at the annual meeting of millet in 2019 that "there is still two to three years to go before 5G is commercially available on a large scale"; Zhao Ming, President of Glory, believes that 5G mobile phones are still more in the concept of marketing. Mobile phone is a fast consumer product

Maybe many people will have the idea that 5G mobile phone is coming soon, so I will stick to it now and change it later. The author does not agree with this idea. If you encounter a favorite cell phone, you can buy it directly now within your ability to bear, not to mention that 5G large-scale commercial still has a long time, and now the mobile phone is a fast consumer goods, unlike TV, air conditioner, washing machine and other household appliances used for several years, mobile phone update iteration speed is too fast, if you like big can. Don't worry about buying.

5G is the future trend, all walks of life are preparing for this, layout in advance, as our ordinary consumers, intend to change mobile phones for several years, for the choice of 4G mobile phones or 5G mobile phones, do not entanglement, the author is recommended to buy 4G mobile phones.