Can't the conference open yet? Millet 9 complete appearance unveiled, Lei Jun crazy explosives!

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Can't the conference open yet? Millet 9 complete appearance unveiled, Lei Jun crazy explosives!

2019-02-18 18:32:04 103 ℃

As the first blockbuster product of the new year, the explosion of the new millet 9 flagship machine has recently made a lot of money. The machine is scheduled to be released on 20 February. Since 13 February, millet 9 has entered a preheating period. Millet officials, including the founder of millet technology, chairman and CEO Lei Jun, and other senior executives, are very active in microblogging. They constantly expose the information of the new machine and even get online. Friends joked that "there is no need to develop cloth fairs".

On February 13, Xiaomi 9 was officially declared as "Combat Angel". Lei Jun said that the aircraft is a super strong annual flagship, but also so far, the best looking millet mobile phone, absolutely good-looking and can play. And millet 9 has also launched a new spokesperson, Wang Yuan, a member of the TFBoys group.

The four big characters of "fighting for you" written on the official poster of millet seem to have full confidence in the performance of millet official to millet 9.

According to Lei Jun's disclosure, millet 9 back fuselage also adopts nano-level laser holographic technology, coupled with double-layer coating, in different light will show a variety of dazzling rainbow color, but also a faint metallic luster, in short, millet 9 back fuselage under the light of the source of a lot of fantasy. In terms of color matching, the color matching of hallucinogenic blue and hallucinogenic purple has been exposed.

In addition, the "chin" of millet 9 was much less than that of millet 8, only 3.6mm. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi was determined to achieve the "chin" to the utmost, and Xiaomi 9's lower Bobby millet 8 narrowed by a full 40%. He also said, "I have studied all mobile phones within 3999 yuan. It seems that there is nothing narrower than ours. May I say millet 9'chin'is the most beautiful?

After exposing the rendering maps on the back of the real plane, Lei Jun announced on 15 th of this month that he would "really launch" Gaotong Xiaolong 855 on Weibo.

The closer to the press conference, the more firepower Lei Junyue opened up, the more details Xiaomi 9 camera was revealed recently. This time, the camera may become the biggest selling point of millet 9.

It is reported that millet 9 is posterior 48 million + 12 million + 16 million photographs with f/1.75, f/2.2 and f/2.2 diaphragms, respectively. This is millet's first three-camera flagship. <<

<48 million-pixel wide-angle lens uses Sony IMX586 sensor, which has a sensitive area of 1/2 inch, reached 1/2 inch; 12 million-pixel optical lens supports 1602-power zozozozoom; 1602-zozozoom; 1602 Ultra-wide-angle lenses of 100,000 pixels support 4 cm micro-range at the same time. To avoid scratches, the three cameras were covered with 243 square millimeters of sapphire glass.

Lei Jun introduced that Millet 9 post-positioned three-camera realized four lens functions: micro-range, ultra-wide angle scenery, standard street photography and portrait, one of which integrated ultra-wide angle and micro-range. After introducing all the parameters of the Xiaomi 9 camera, Lei Jun made a popular science comment on Weibo with great interest:

Sony IMX586 not only has bigger picture, more details and stronger analytical power. In the process of magnification, the details are clearly displayed ("magnifier"), and the zoom ability ("telescope") of the super-long focal section can be realized. < p > < p > millet 9, carrying Sony's current highest pixel IMX586, 1/2 inch super-bottom, more direct hardware 48 megapixel photos. Supporting quadruple imaging, the light-sensitive area of a single pixel is four times that of the original. After synthesizing 1.6 micron large pixels, night photography has obvious advantages, not only the brightness of the picture is higher, purity is also good, look at the black sky will know. Night photography and the magical "Super Night Scene".

In addition, Lin Bin, co-founder and President of millet also emphasized that millet 948 million cameras have super resolution, and the details are still clearly visible after enlarging 100 yuan bills. It is worth mentioning that Lei Jun also mentioned Friends and Businessmen when he was shooting 12 million people in science popularization. Lei Jun introduced:

For SLR cameras (photography), the 50mm focal length (standard lens) is the closest focal length to the human eye perspective, and the 9th person portrait lens of millet adopts the scheme of equivalent focal length 50mm, automatically switching to 12 million long-focus portrait lens during portrait shooting, which naturally gradually becomes virtual and comfortable visual perception of the human eye.

Friendship flagship has long focal length or portrait, either taking portraits with default lenses (close-up of portraits will distort the face too close), or obtaining reasonable visual perception (damage resolution) by means of subject cutting. Welcome to the comparative test, which mobile phone portrait is better. At the same time, Lin Bin, co-founder and President of millet, forwarded the microblog and added that the 12 million and 1.0um portrait lens was designed to take a good portrait of human beings. If we change to the main portrait mode, even if we cut it into 12MP photos with 48MP, the resolution looks the same, but the resolution of 0.8um pixels is the same. It's much worse than 1.0, which is why the image model of Friendship's flagship can't be photographed in millet 9.

In addition, Lei Jun also emphasized that the hardware of millet 9 camera is full of material and expensive! To sum up:

1.Sony 48 million sensors, astonishing resolution
2. Laser focusing, all three lenses are closed-loop motors, focusing accuracy, high film-forming rate
3. All three lenses are 6P lenses, excellent quality, this is super expensive!
4. Sapphire glass protective sheet, stainless steel bracket, one black coating... Today, Lei Jun continues to throw new information to the outside world. This time, he focuses on introducing the new screen fingerprint technology of millet 9. He emphasizes that the fifth generation screen fingerprint technology adopted by millet 9 is very close to the speed and experience of unlocking capacitive fingerprint.

But Lei Jun also said that the cost of screen fingerprints is not good and the cost-effective ratio is not high, and the overall cost is at least 150 yuan! Firstly, the screen fingerprint is equivalent to a 5-micron micro-distance camera, which is several times more expensive than the traditional capacitive fingerprint. Secondly, it can only be used with OLED screen, but OLED screen is extraordinarily expensive. Looking forward to the early breakthrough of screen fingerprint technology, can cooperate with the use of LED screen.

Lei Jun said that the back fingerprint is still the most mature technology and cost-effective scheme! Also throw two questions to netizens: What are the main reasons why people don't like back fingerprints? Would you like to add 150 yuan for screen fingerprints? The price of

has increased, so what advantages does the fifth generation screen fingerprint of millet 9 have? Xiaomi President Lin Bin released four benefits of microblog science popularization in the afternoon:

1. The speed of unlocking increased by 25%, which should be the fastest screen fingerprint in mass-produced mobile phones so far.

2. Special use scenarios such as dry finger and low temperature are optimized, and the unlocking rate is significantly higher than that of the previous generation.

3. Initiate night mode: automatically reduce the brightness of fingerprint unlock display area in night or dark light environment. Compared with the previous generation, it needs less than half the brightness to unlock accurately.

4. The screen position of the unlocked area is lower than that of the previous generation (see the attached figure), and the unlocked area is larger than that of the previous generation. The use experience is closer to the traditional metal fingerprint unlocking.


从图中可以看 By the end of the day, millet 9 did use a water drop screen design, and its jaw looked quite narrow, which was very expected. The explosives of Lei Jun did not seem to stop. This evening, Lei Jun again decrypted another functional feature of millet 9 - sound quality. Lei Jun said that in the past, he had received many criticisms on the sound quality of millet mobile phones, which had been specially rectified for two years. Now millet 9:

is equipped with 12x17 high-quality superlinear loudspeaker, 12x17 is one of the largest flagship aircraft loudspeakers, superlinear loudspeaker is also the top. < p > < p > Secondly, the design of the vocal cavity with Bass material achieves the equivalent of 0.9cc large vocal cavity. (Loudness is much better)

also uses the industry's top ultra-high voltage Smart PA, specifically for the sound system to do heat dissipation, to achieve better sound effect.

Finally, the self-developed MiSound has done professional tuning and testing for user preferences.

Lei Jun said that the volume of millet 9 was high (using DSM dynamic gain control, the volume of external playback increased by 100%), the sound quality was good, and the test results had reached the leading level of the same flagship aircraft.

The conference has entered the countdown stage. Watching the millet executives shake the information of millet 9 one after another, some netizens asked Lei Jun, and the materials are all gone. Is the conference still open?

< p> Lei Jun said frankly that there are more wonderful contents in the back! The whole body of millet 9 is black technology, which means that the preheating in recent days is just an appetizer for millet 9. I don't know what black technology millet 9 will have waiting for us?

As for the pricing of millet 9, Lei Jun today disclosed that the manufacturing and R&D costs of millet 9 are absolutely inexpensive, and it is impossible to expect us to sell it at a very low price. Millet 9 is definitely much more expensive than Millet 8. I hope you can understand it. Xiaomi 9 also has an exploratory version. Wang Chuan, co-founder of Xiaomi Group, president of China and chief of staff of Xiaomi Group, confirmed that Xiaomi 9 has an exploratory version in response to the questions of netizens and called it "the most equipped mobile phone on the earth". It also suggests that the wireless charging power of millet 9 will be greater than 15W. Judging from all kinds of explosions in

, millet 9 has been well prepared for this time. Now millet is about to enter a new stage of development. As the first flagship product launched by the millet brand after the independence of the red rice brand, millet 9 bears a lot of pressure, but it is small.