Survey of Huaqiang North Guanpu Tide in Shenzhen: Some people make millions of dollars a year, and some people pass 9 ports to 2 ports...

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Survey of Huaqiang North Guanpu Tide in Shenzhen: Some people make millions of dollars a year, and some people pass 9 ports to 2 ports...

2019-03-01 15:46:10 1363 ℃

Tang Weiwang Minghong, author of Source/Securities Times Network

is the largest electronic product distribution center in China and even in the world. Shenzhen Huaqiangbei has long been known as "China's first electronic street". But in recent years, reports about the disappearance of Huaqiang's northern scenery have continued to appear in the newspapers. What's wrong with Huaqiang's northern scenery? Is the "empty shop tide" circulated online true? How much is the impact of the transformation of mobile communication industry, the impact of e-commerce and high rent? What do the businessmen and entrepreneurs who once took root here think about the changes in Huaqiang and North China today? With these doubts, reporters of the Securities Times have come to Huaqiangbei many times to investigate the rental situation of stores and office buildings in Huaqiangbei, conduct in-depth exchanges with businesses, visit government personnel and professionals, investigate the effect of industrial transformation and upgrading in Huaqiangbei, and try to restore a real Huaqiangbei.

Mobile phones occupy most of the berths in Huaqiang North Market. South China Road Flying Times Tower is the most expensive place for Huaqiang North Month rent. The 1-4 floors are the communication market. The location of each floor is different, and the rent of the 4th floor is the highest in this building. This floor specializes in selling Apple phones, which are brought from Hong Kong for sale. The profits are high. The owners of this floor are rumored to be worth tens of millions of dollars. "It's so extraordinary outside. Where there are so many tens of millions, I know there are hundreds of thousands of assets on the fourth floor. Ha-ha." Wu said with a big laugh.

(flying up the fourth floor of Times Building, crowds gathered Tang Wei/camera)

In 2013, Boss Wu ended his old business of MP3 and MP4 and came to Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, where he started as an apprentice and repaired the Apple Mobile Phone. "At that time, you could earn more than 10,000 yuan a month. There were many machines to be repaired. How much you wanted to earn depended entirely on how much you wanted to repair. It was also common to repair them until 3 or 4 a.m. Very tired. " Wu recalled. After two or three years of repair, the body alarmed. The problem of lumbar disc herniation was so serious that we couldn't sit for a long time. We couldn't do anything about mobile phone maintenance. In addition, the wife and children came. More than 10,000 yuan of income was not enough to spend in Shenzhen. We spent a long time in the market and met some people. Boss Wu began to try to do the business of Apple mobile phone, that is, go to Hong Kong to get used mobile phones and come to Shenzhen to sell them. "The first one earned more than 40,000 yuan, which made me happy." But the second single "Unified Goods" takes a closer look (Note: Unified Goods refers to a large industrial plant, filled with rows of yellow cardboard boxes, which are full of iPhones, to see who gives the high price, the box belongs to whom. If the box is not perfect, it will lose), and then three or four batches of goods will be lost. At that time, he only had a total of 200,000 principal, and lost little to the rest. "At that time, he was desperate, just wanted to go back home, leave Shenzhen quickly, and never come again." In the end, Wu decided to carry the money and transfer it through his credit card. Finally, he earned another 200,000 yuan in principal. In 2016, Mr. Wu opened the stall on the 4th floor of Feiyang Times Building, South China Road, with the highest rent and the highest popularity. "That's the same counter. The rent has been 3000 yuan/month, up to 18500 yuan/month. Now it's 9000 yuan/month. If business is good, the stall will rise and the stall will be reduced when the gap is too large. Anyway, the rent is different every time we sign a contract." A square glass counter, good location has been speculated to 30,400,000 a month, transfer fees reached 1.5 million, and then the market price control, stipulated that the monthly rent is not allowed to exceed 13,000, speculation has cooled down.

This year is the fourth year for Wu Boss to make waterborne mobile phones. He summarized that in the first three years, income has been increasing every year, and now the "unified goods" will hardly be seen. In 2018, it earned about one million yuan. Recalling Huaqiangbei's six years, he bought a house (Huizhou), a car (BMW), had a second child, and his eldest son went to school in Shenzhen. He was still satisfied.

"Huaqiang North Passenger Flow Reduction? I don't feel that clearly. Business is not good? I think a certain stage of the industry, especially in the electronic industry, will certainly change, depending on whether you can keep up with this change, can not keep up with it is not easy to do, can keep up with it is easy to do. Wu said. Six years ago, owner Zhou's shop was also on the 4th floor of Feiyang Times Building. "At that time, Feiyang market was still relatively miscellaneous. We rented the fourth floor and the third floor. When the popularity was good, we rushed all the second-hand mobile phones to the Aihua market, because they were all the markets of Tongtiandi Group. After a long time, we all did business with old customers. It doesn't matter in which market." Second-hand mobile phones are gathered in Huaqiang North of China, and sold all over the country from Huaqiang North, because there is a second-hand mobile phone industry chain of one-stop services, and gradually developed into the largest second-hand mobile phone production and distribution center in China and even in the world.

(Aihua market is full of slogans of "fight against theft and robbery". Tang Wei/photograph)

is an insignificant residential building. The bottom is a sewage-crossflow vegetable market. The vegetable market building is a two-storey shop, and then a residential building. Climbing up the greasy stairs, the mottled walls are covered with traces. When you come upstairs, you may be surprised at what you see. The noisy crowd is more lively than the early peak vegetable market. This is the important market of Huaqiang North used mobile phones, the Aihua market. Boss Zhou's stall is on the second floor. Said to be the gate, in fact, is a 70 cm long glass cabinet, covering an area of 1 square meter, the rent is more than 3000 yuan per month. "I don't know how many millionaires there are on this floor. Look at the working environment. We are here for 350 days a year. Most of the people in the market are grass-roots. We don't need a big environment at all. We don't need the government to carry out the planning, as long as we have money to earn."

"Just after the New Year, more than 1,000 units are shipped every day. For several days in a row, my wife still hasn't come at home, which makes me busy to death." Boss Zhou recalled that after the Spring Festival of 2004, when market transactions were booming, his tone was still exhilarating. After graduating from high school in 2001, Boss Zhou came to Huaqiangbei to engage in second-hand mobile phone business. He has been sitting next to this simple glass cabinet for 18 years, witnessing the ups and downs of Huaqiangbei. I bought two apartments in my hometown's capital city, a house and a car in Shenzhen, and had three children. In his impression, the best time for business was in 2003 and 2004. Hundreds of second-hand mobile phones were sold every day, and a considerable proportion of them were sold to foreigners. When do you think business is getting worse? Boss Zhou thought for a moment, "Probably starting in 2012!"

He analyzed that there were two reasons for the bad business. One reason was that the number of mobile phone varieties became smaller, big waves washed away sand, and most of the copycat phones had disappeared in the market, leaving only big brands. Large brands of mobile phones were expensive and of good quality. People did not need to change their mobile phones so frequently. Another is the normative behavior of the market, cracking down on refurbishing machines, Shanzhai machines and regulating the supply of goods, so that business is not so good. Boss Zhou told reporters that for a period of time in the second half of 2017, there were few stalls in the whole market to do business. Everyone closed the stalls because the regulatory authorities came to check every day to see if the goods were coming in the wrong way. If there were any problems, they would pick up the goods and seize the people. Zhou Boss was also caught, although it was later found that the wrong one was caught and the person was released soon, but because he could not get the regular invoice, more than 200,000 goods were still withheld and asked to be returned to him after the investigation of the case was clear. Finally, after several setbacks, the goods were brought back, but they were of little value. One was damaged, the other was that the price of electronic products was discounted very fast. Now, 1000 pieces of goods may be worth 450 yuan in half a year.

Nowadays, there are basically no foreigners in the market to pick up the goods. They are all acquaintances. They don't ask the way to pick up the goods from their homes, nor do they inquire about the sales channels from their homes. The only link that keeps the relationship between them is "money", which is the only link built on this "gray Industrial chain".

"Now? On average, sell dozens of units a day, and earn a meal. He said the current income was less than 50% of the previous income. Asked if he was considering a career change, Zhou sighed, "I would like to change my career, but in the past 20 years, I have only sold second-hand mobile phones, and I don't know anything about other businesses. There are also some people in our market who have changed their professions and quit, but after a while they have lost money in other industries and come back to sell mobile phones. In fact, Mr. Zhou has hung up two apartments in the Mainland and is ready to do a big job. He believes that second-hand mobile phones are not non-standard products. The definition of new and old mobile phones is different between the two trading individuals, so it is difficult to be completely replaced by the Internet at present, and the second-hand mobile phone market will not decline. The skirt building of Saige Square was put into use in 2000. The first to the eighth floors bring together almost all the world's famous brand electronic components, computers and accessories, as well as telecommunications, household appliances, audio-visual electronic products. In the same year, Boss Huang opened his first store in Seger Square, which mainly sells cameras and accessories. From 2008 to 2010, the camera was at the peak of sales, and Huang rented nine ports in Saige Square.

The public data show that in the heyday, there were 36 electronic markets in Huaqiangbei, 26252 business operators, with annual sales of 300 billion yuan. It is the electronic business district with the largest number of business operators, the most complete products and the highest sales volume in the country.

"Cameras are in the peak period of sales from 2008 to 2010, with the highest turnover of more than 10 million a month. Now they can not receive more than 10 million a year. At that time, they were busy until five or six o'clock to have lunch, and they were often busy until eight or nine o'clock in the evening." Huang said.

Huaqiangbei began to face many challenges. Firstly, the impact of e-commerce on physical stores. With the rapid development of e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Jingdong and Suning E-commerce platforms, electronic product transactions gradually shifted to the online market. In order to seize the market, e-commerce platforms continued to promote online sales. Sales of Huaqiangbei physical stores declined, and some Huaqiangbei merchants began to transfer to online sales products. To move shops from Huaqiang North to other places. In order to cope with the impact of e-commerce on Huaqiang North Electronic Components Market, Huaqiang Group started to build Huaqiang Electronic Network. In 2015, Huaqiang Electronic Network E-commerce Enterprise registered more than 1.5 million users, more than 30 million monthly visits to its website, and in 2015, Huaqiang Electronic Network matched transactions amounted to 36 billion yuan. < p > < p > Secondly, after mobile phones entered the era of smart phones from functional phones, Huawei, OV (OPPO, VIVO), millet and other domestic mobile phones developed rapidly, the price of mobile phones dropped sharply, the Shanzhai mobile phone market shrank, and the profits of Huaqiangbei merchants declined sharply by buying and selling Shanzhai mobile phones. At the same time, in order to strengthen the protection of patents and intellectual property rights, the government launched a severe crackdown on the Shanzhai and waterborne markets in Huaqiangbei, and a large number of traders who depend on selling Shanzhai and waterborne mobile phones for their livelihood were forced to move out of Huaqiangbei.

2013 is also an important time node for the rapid decline of the flow of people in Huaqiang North. Affected by the construction of the subway, Huaqiang North began to close the main roads for four years. The flow of people dropped sharply, and a large number of businesses were affected and forced to move out of China.