Meizu Note9 is coming! Use a water drop screen design with a rear 48 megapixels

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Meizu Note9 is coming! Use a water drop screen design with a rear 48 megapixels

2019-03-01 15:46:23 352 ℃

Not long ago, Red Rice Mobile released Red Rice Note 7 Pro, which has a very good cost performance. It is equipped with Qualcomm M675 processor, and the rear camera is upgraded to Sony IMX 586 sensor. It performs very well in 2000 yuan. But Meizu's side is not in a hurry, because they have prepared the same level of product Meizu Note9, the core configuration of the two is very similar. On February 27, foreign media directly exposed the real-time spy photos of Meizu Note9, which will be released on March 6. The design of Meizu Note9 is quite different from that of Meizu mobile phone before, mainly because of the change in design concept. For example, Meizu Note9 uses a water drop screen design, while the back of the mobile phone is a combination of left vertical double-camera and back fingerprint, which is the first time in the history of Meizu mobile phone. Because of this, this is probably one of the smartphones with the lowest recognition in the history of Meizu. If the logo of Meizu on the back is hidden, it is difficult for ordinary people to guess which product it is. In terms of configuration,

, the general configuration of Meizu Note9 has also been exposed. Generally speaking, it is a product with Qualcomm dragon 675 and IMX 586.48 million pixel sensor. Besides, it has a starting price of less than 2000 yuan, and its performance-price ratio is quite prominent. After one year's adjustment, Meizu's product strategy has basically returned to the right track. In addition to the introduction of Meizu 16S flagship at 3000 yuan, Meizu Note9 will also increase Meizu's market share and seek a firm foothold in this industry counter-cycle. As for the performance of MY675 processor, it adopts the same A76 core architecture as MY855. Although only two large cores are A76, it is enough to make the CPU performance of MY675 surpass MY710. However, the GPU performance of M675 is slightly worse than that of Qualcomm M670. Qualcomm Miaolong 675 is an important capital of Meizu Note9, and the details depend on how the manufacturer adjusts it. It is worth mentioning that the emergence of Red Rice Note 7 Pro and Meizu Note 9 is just the prelude to the debut of the 675 + 48 megapixel model of Miaolong, and more products with similar parameters will be launched in the future. The smartphone market has entered a new round of bloody storms.

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