Beijing East will be exposed to the use of intelligent express cabinets, the first batch of thousands of units put into operation

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Beijing East will be exposed to the use of intelligent express cabinets, the first batch of thousands of units put into operation

2019-03-01 15:46:29 53 ℃

Recently, the logistics industry from the media "post station" received the explosion that Jingdong will start its own intelligent express cabinet, the first batch of express cabinets have been put into operation, the future will be vigorously spread out.

This is the first batch of Intelligent Express cabinets in East Beijing, which are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities with concentrated express business. The number of them is expected to reach 3000-5000 groups. After the first batch is put into operation, the next layout and quantity are decided according to the specific operation conditions.

According to the actual experience of the interface reporters, through the "Beijing East Convenient People" Wechat Public Number, we can indeed retrieve the nearby Beijing East self-suitcase or self-suitcase in Shanghai. Reporters to Beijing East on February 27 to verify, the official response said that business is still in its infancy, at this stage it is inconvenient to disclose too much. In fact, this is not the first time that Jingdong has been involved in the field of express cabinets.

As early as 2012, Jingdong began to promote self-service cabinet service, but only for Jingdong shopping orders. In September 2017, Jingdong self-service cabinet declared full opening to social express delivery. Whether goods purchased through any e-commerce platform or daily personal goods express, it can be stored in the self-service cabinet under the flag of Jingdong free of charge for 3 days. Since then, Jingdong has not announced the progress of this business.

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2017 Jingdong self-contained cabinet map (photo source: official micro-blog of Jingdong)

This Beijing-Dongdong re-launch of the express cabinet business seems to be a genuine move.

On October 18 last year, Wang Zhenhui, CEO of Jingdong Logistics, announced at the Global Intelligent Logistics Summit in 2018 that Jingdong Logistics officially launched its express service for individual customers. The innovative mode of express cabinet can solve the problem of terminal distribution in express industry. It can be used as a supplementary means of door-to-door distribution, cooperating with the express business vigorously developed by Jingdong, and alleviating the pressure of express delivery. At the same time, the express cabinet has important terminal logistics data, which can cooperate with Jingdong Group ecology to create a closed-loop information data integration of transaction, payment and logistics. According to the data of

National Post Office, the number of intelligent express boxes in China reached 240,000 groups by the first half of 2018. With the increasing number of express packages, the number of express boxes will continue to rise. According to the average growth rate of the express industry in recent years, the express cabinet industry has broad market prospects.

According to the Research Report on the Market Prospects and Investment Opportunities of China's Intelligent Express Cabinet from 2018 to 2023, the market scale of China's Express Cabinet is expected to reach 16.9 billion yuan in 2018 and nearly 30 billion yuan in 2020. In the past year, express cabinets have also entered the markets of Hong Kong, France and Russia in China. Currently, the players in express cabinet industry are mainly divided into three categories: express logistics system represented by China Post Express and Fengchao; third-party service platform represented by Fuyou; and e-commerce system represented by novice bird (Ali).

China Post Express and Fengchao are the two biggest players at present. Fongchao was originally co-invested by Shunfeng United Shentong, Zhongtong, Yunda and Pross in June 2015. Later, Zhongtong, Shentong and Yunda have withdrawn one after another, and now they are controlled by Shunfeng Holdings.

Alibaba's rookies not only participated in the investment of China Post Express after the "Bird Warfare", but also launched their own express cabinets in early 2018 to cooperate with the launch of rookie posts and serve the common end. On the eve of Double Eleventh Day in 2018, the express cabinet of the rookie post announced that "brushing face for express delivery" has been technically realized. Compared with the above companies, Jingdong started late in the express cabinet industry, but not late. In 2018, a series of related policies were introduced, which improved the management system of express cabinet industry. For example, in February 2018, the State Council issued a document defining intelligent express cabinet as public infrastructure; on November 26, 2018, the Ministry of Transport issued the "Measures for the Management of Intelligent Express Box Delivery Service (Draft for Comments)". The development of express cabinet industry is tending to be standardized and orderly.

According to the explosion, the Beijing-East Express Cabinet will be open to all major express companies, charging couriers and free of charge to users. Fengchao and other mainstream express cabinets currently adopt this business model, in this mode, the profit of express cabinets is difficult to cover the cost, most express cabinet enterprises are still "burning money". This is also the problem that Jingdong will have to face in the future. Before

, Zou Jianhua, secretary-general of China Express Club of Friends and CEO of Delivery, said in an interview with an interface reporter: "In the long run, China Express Cabinet industry has just started, because the scene is diversified and resources are highly cut, there will not be a dominant situation in the future industry, but will be'Wanma Pentium'."