Millet router Mesh public beta open, simple settings, price or surprise

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Millet router Mesh public beta open, simple settings, price or surprise

2019-03-01 15:46:36 116 ℃

Although there are wireless routers in everyone's home at present, many people may not have much research on it. Millet has entered the router market since a long time ago, and it is widely accepted because of its concise design, convenient setup and generally affordable price. Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet era, more and more devices are needed to access the network at home. A simple router can hardly meet the needs of people.

I believe that many people now have two or more wireless routers in their homes, such as three routers in the editor's house. One is the wireless routing on the optical cat with optical fibers entering the home, and then the two routers are wired to ensure the whole house coverage. The biggest pain point is the need to switch the link of wireless network when changing places, which is equivalent to disconnecting and reconnecting every time switching, and the experience is very bad. Mesh system has no such problems, so it has gradually come to the family scene. Now it is generally believed that the future of home wireless network must be Mesh system. But at present, the price of Mesh system on the market is on the high side, and there is a threshold to use it for household use.

This morning, the millet official announced the annual flagship new product, millet router Mesh, and officially announced that he had joined the revolution of home wireless network. Millet has done numerous acts to subvert the industry so far. Will this Mesh router do the same? We can look at the highlights of millet router Mesh first.

millet official said millet router Mesh is a Wi-Fi system that can handle various family environments. Simply put, millet router Mesh suite contains two same routes, no mother routes. Through networking, it can solve the seamless coverage of Wi-Fi signals of various households, and the same Wi-Fi signal coverage. The Mesh suite of millet router uses Mesh technology to support four-channel hybrid networking. It is composed of 4 GHz Wi-Fi, 5 GHz Wi-Fi, Gigabit power line and network line. The theoretical network speed can reach up to 2567 Mbps. With Gigabit Network ports, high-speed Internet access can be achieved all over the house.

millet router Mesh is equipped with two independent signal amplifiers at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, respectively. The signal transmission distance is longer, the wall is better and the coverage is wider. This is also a lot of people just need routers, the signal is good. Similarly, millet ensures the simplicity and ease of use of router settings. Connect Mesh and route to Optical Cat or Home Network Port. After plugging in the power supply, download and install Millet Wi-Fi APP. After setting up according to the boot of APP, the Internet can be quickly accessed.

Millet Router Mesh Suite is not only simple to configure, but also can realize blind insertion of network ports. The technology of automatic identification of network ports is adopted, without distinguishing WAN/LAN ports, any network ports can be connected to the Internet by plugging in the household network line. Simply speaking, when one network port is plugged into the external network line, the other network ports will automatically switch to LAN mode. Of course, this is also a relatively mature technology at present. Tang Mu, general manager of Millet Intelligent Hardware Department, revealed that the router was developed by Millet and Qualcomm team over a year. It can also be used with two sets of superimposed 4 sets to form a network, which can basically cover all households. In this way, even if the villa is several floors, four equipments can be covered.

Let's go back to the question just now. Will millet's entry into the Mesh system market have the effect of subverting the market again?

I think it is very possible that millet overthrows the traditional household appliances industry by a price ratio. Although this millet router Mesh seems to have no new technology or better configuration compared with the current high-end routers, we can only determine from its name, its price must be moving, which is also the impression of millet ecological chain products to all consumers. Although the reputation of millet router on low-end products is not very good before, we can not deny its contribution to the market. In fact, the main competitor of millet router Mesh is definitely not a manufacturer of commercial routers, or even a manufacturer of high-end routers such as Netware and Asus. It is bound to target millet's friends, Huawei and glory manufacturers. In contrast, Huawei and Glory also released distributed routers early in the morning, and they also support Mesh networking at around $8900. As a late comer, millet has been better prepared for the configuration experience. Next, the price will inevitably not be higher, and even there will be surprises. It is reported that millet router Mesh will open public testing in the near future. We will soon know the experience and price of millet router Mesh.