The highest is 10999 yuan! Samsung S10 Series National Edition Released: Luan 855 Processor

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The highest is 10999 yuan! Samsung S10 Series National Edition Released: Luan 855 Processor

2019-03-01 15:46:37 142 ℃

On February 21, Samsung took the lead in holding a new computer conference in the United States, bringing five mobile phone products, namely, conventional upgraded Samsung S10 and S10+, and low-matched Samsung S10e, supporting 5G Samsung Galaxy 5G, and Samsung's folding screen mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy Fold, with a lot of bright spots.

At 6:30 p.m. on February 28, Samsung held a press conference on the S10 series of national editions in Wuzhen. In view of the appearance and configuration of the new machine has been released before, so the most concerned about this conference is the price. Nevertheless, let's see what surprises Guohang Edition will have.

Galaxy FoldGalaxy Fold

First of all, Samsung leaders brought us a folding screen Galaxy Fold. This folding screen product has two screens, folding state is 4.6 inches, after unfolding, we can get a 7.3 inch screen. Flexible screens are connected by hinges. Flexible screens and folding designs allow larger screens to be carried around by folding.

with Qualcomm 855 processor, 12GB memory, 512GB super capacity of UFS3.0 specification, 4380mAh battery capacity, a total of six color matching options. In addition, Samsung also emphasized that this is not a PPT product, which is a crazy suggestion of friends?

Samsung S10 series

Samsung S10 system adopts Infinity O screen, 100% color reduction, 42% blue light reduction, more eye protection, support HDR 10 color display technology. Samsung S10 is also the first mobile phone with ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition. It has higher security and more convenient experience. Samsung S10 is equipped with Qualcomm Lung 855 processor, S10 and S10 Plus equipped with three post-cameras, 12 million pixel wide-angle camera, 12 million pixel long-focus camera and a 16 million pixel ultra-wide-angle camera. In video shooting, the tone of video can be automatically improved by intelligent adjustment, and the quality of HDR 10 + can also be supported for video recording.

S10 Plus front-end dual cameras provide more possibilities for front-end photography and video shooting. In terms of battery capacity, Galaxy S10E battery capacity is 3100 mAh, S10 capacity is 3400 mAh, while S10 Plus has 4100 mAh battery, which is 25% higher than the previous generation. Mobile phones not only support wireless charging, but also support reverse wireless charging. Mobile phones, watches and headphones can be charged wirelessly.

S10 has three kinds of color matching, namely carbon crystal black, Haoyu white and glazed green. Ceramic black and ceramic white are also added on S10 Plus.

Samsung S10 Series National Edition Price: S10e:6GB+128GB Price 4999 yuan; S10:8GB+128GB Price 5999 yuan, 8+512GB Price 7699 yuan; S10 Plus:8GB+128GB Price 6999 yuan, 8+512GB Price 8699 yuan, Top Edition 12GB+1TB Price 10999 yuan. Samsung also brings a new flat-panel Galaxy Tab S5e with an integrated metal design. The fuselage is 5.5 mm thin and weighs 400 g. It supports Bixby, DeX light office and side fingerprint identification.


Galaxy Buds Bluetooth headset claims to be the best accessories of Samsung S10. It can be fully charged for up to 6 hours. It can automatically connect to the mobile phone by opening the cover and can be charged wirelessly through S10.

Samsung Galaxy Watch has multiple dials and can be worn when swimming. It can also carry out intelligent motion monitoring. It has pressure management and sleep monitoring functions, supports reverse wireless charging of Samsung Galaxy S10, and has four color matching modes: Kuihei, Yayin, Pink Gold and Yueqing.

Except for the S10 series, the price of the national version of other mobile phones and accessories has not been announced. Do you think the price of S10 series national edition is fragrant? < p > < p > Editor of this article: Wang Ruxin < p > < p > pays attention to the bubble network and enjoys the life of science and technology.